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Village: Name::57North Hacklab
57North coatofarms.png
Description Description::Hackers from Aberdeen's First Hackerspace 57North. Coming from the frozen North with Club Mate and Whisky
Contact Contact::User:adventureloop
Web Site URL::
Activities Activities::Sitting. Eating. Club Mate. Radios. SSTV. Drinking.
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Find out what really happened in 2014 here.

57North is a hacker collective with a shared space (known as the hacklab, hackspace, hackerspace, or simply just the space) located in Aberdeen, Scotland. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.


There will be a central communal tent that will contain power and wired data connections.


A Cisco 7940G phone will be connected to the EMF phone network on extension 53964.

Travel Project

During the drive from Aberdeen to EMF, irl MM6MVQ and hibby MM3ZRZ will be on-the-air on either a 5W handheld or 10W mobile. We will be using either M(M)6MVQ/M or M(M)3ZRZ/M depending on who it is operating the radio and which country we are in at that point in the journey. We will QSL (direct) for contacts made during the journey if requested.

You will be able to track our journey (where we are in range of an IGate) as we will be transmitting APRS position reports. The callsigns for this will be MM6MVQ-9 while in Scotland and M6MVQ-9 in England.

The equipment that will be used for APRS is still to be decided, but hopefully it will be possible for this to also be message capable.


Club Mate

We will be making and giving away a club mate 'like' adventureMate. A drink released under a CC0 license, available for all to make their own with simple equipment. adventureloop and hibby will be producing batches of the mate throughout the weekend.

SSTV Receiving Station

To encourage a bit of SSTV at EMF, irl will be running an SSTV recieving station that will be uploading images recieved to the Internet. Depending on the amount of free time irl has, these will either just be on a webpage, or also tweeted to a dedicated Twitter account too.

Things you could SSTV:

  • cool hacks
  • people having fun (but only if the people consent to having their photo broadcasted on the air and then uploaded to the Internet)
  • pictures of cats

I've managed to do SSTV using nothing but an Android phone, 3.5mm jack lead and a Baofeng UV-5R so you have no excuses for not getting involved.

The station will be listening on:

   433.4000 MHz   U272; IARU Region 1 SSTV (FM/AFSK)

Before sending an image, point out that you're going to do so on the 2m general chat channel that will be advertised on the GB2EMF tent. This allows others to also recieve your lovely cat pictures.

Martin 1 should be used for this as that's where I've had the best results in testing. The station will be set to automatically detect though, so it will pick up Scottie 1 too.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let irl know.


Hibby Will have his beloved 3-in-1 toastie maker, and recording segments for his planned webseries "Will it Toast?" (working title).

If you've got any food you'd like to try in a toastie-format, come along and try it out!

Things that have previously been toastified to great effect:

  • Mince
  • Curry
  • Cheese and/or Ham

The toastie maker comes with two other convenient functions also! Waffle plates and a George Foreman style grill.

Pizza has been reheated using the waffle plates to great effect, and the foreman style grill has been used to cook mince at a surprisingly rapid pace. Come along with your own ideas and we can mull them over!

All food is, of course, provided with no warranty, guarantee and is eaten at your own risk. If you get ill because your toastie idea was stupid/unworkable/raw/unhealthy, I accept no responsibility for the ill effects.


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