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Al Bennett

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Village Edinburgh Hacklab
Bringing [[Bringing::The Things Network gateway|]]The Things Network gateway
Arrival [[Arrival::2018/08/30 16:00|]]2018/08/30 16:00
Departure [[Departure::2018/09/03 11:00|]]2018/09/03 11:00
IRC eggfriedrice
Twitter @attendee_twitter::eggfriedrice
Facebook attendee_facebook::al.bennett

[[Interested in::Interest:Coffee|]] Coffee,[[Interested in::Interest:Electronics|]] Electronics,[[Interested in::Interest:IoT|]] IoT,[[Interested in::Interest:LoRa(WAN)|]] LoRa(WAN),[[Interested in::Interest:Raspberry Pi|]] Raspberry Pi,[[Interested in::Interest:Rust (Fe2O3)|]] Rust (Fe2O3)

[[AttendeePagename::Eggfriedrice|]] I'm Al from Edinburgh Hacklab. Ask me about LoRa, I won't know the answer but I'll try and sell you a gateway anyway! I jest. A little.