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Bringing [[Bringing::News of the weather in space (& coffee)|]]News of the weather in space (& coffee)
Arrival [[Arrival::2018/08/31 10:00|]]2018/08/31 10:00
Departure [[Departure::2018/09/02 18:00|]]2018/09/02 18:00
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My talk will be at 1530 Friday on Stage B. I'll be chatting about Space Weather and its impact on Earth.

EMF Space Weather Forecast

No minor or greater geomagnetic storms are expected. No significant transient or recurrent solar wind features are forecast.

No minor or greater solar radiation storms are expected. No significant active region activity favourable for radiation storm production is forecast

No minor or greater radio blackouts are expected. No significant active region flare activity is forecast.

(Data from NOAA SWPC [1])

Latest Solar Image

See the most update image of the Sun by clicking the image below (this particular image is from 2140 on Thursday August 30th, 2018)


Space Weather External links

UK Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre [2]

Royal Academy of Engineering: Impacts of Space Weather Report [3]

Determining the Probability of Carrington-Like Solar Flares - Elvidge & Angling [4]