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Information about travelling to EMF can be found at As always, EMF is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging attendees to carpool.

Feel free to add your name to either table below.

Offering Lifts

Location Name Arriving Leaving Notes
Birmingham Alex Ample Friday evening Sunday evening I'm an example, copy me!
London SE20 Glen Thursday midday Sunday evening I've rented a van. It has one seat but a fair bit of cargo space. if people need things hauled, contact me on EMF chat.

Glen: how to reach you? I'm looking for a ride from London: +44 758 629 4279 (OMG made a silly typo) REPLY FROM GLEN: That phone number is not in operation. Mars: silly typo, my bad, embarassing 🙈 Try again, please.

York Lex bailey Thursday mid-afternoon Sunday morning Space for one or two more in our minibus, contribution of no more than £125 to hire+fuel cost please All seats now taken
Cambridge Gavoir Thursday Monday Space in my van for 2 people + kit. gavoir@chaff.halfmeta.netAll space now spoken for.
Bristol Edward Thursday morning Monday morning Space in my car for 1 or 2 people + gear. All spaces taken.
Luton or Milton Keynes TMor Thursday Afternoon Monday morning Space for one, possibly 2, and reasonably compact gear. Departing area of Luton / Milton Keynes mid-morning or so. Ping tmor on IRC.
London (West) Hamish Wednesday Midday Monday Midday Space for one. Departing near Wembley in time for "midday" arrival. Ping hamish on IRC. All seats now taken.
London (East) Kestral Thursday or Friday Monday I'm one person in a car that could easily fit two or three plus luggage! Based in E17 but happy to pick up across East London. Car is now full, sorry!
Newport (South Wales) Aidan Thursday noon / eve Sunday evening I can probably comfortably fit 2 people + camping kit in my camper van: Ohhhh double seven five nein won - 90448 - WhatsApp / Signal / SMS or just call
Southampton Curtis Thursday afternoon Monday middle of the day Space for another one or two people available, albeit in a small car! Message me on Mastodon
Epping Darryl Thursday Morning Sunday 15:00 Leaving Epping around 06:00 Thursday Morning.

Space for one person, with rucksack and normal sized tent. Can pick up along route as long as not too far from motorway junctions Route M25/M40 contact me on EMF SIP 9310, twitter @slipdexic of #general group EMF chat room.

Looking for a lift

Other requests

Location Name Arriving Leaving Notes
Kralj Karlo Thursday Sunday I'm looking for two vehicles to hang my hammock between during camp, so I don't need to bring a hammock stand. Even one vehicle is helpful, because then I only need half of the hammock stand. I have so far found one vehicle.

(Note: These will need to be live-in vehicles as there's no camping in the car park)