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Our planet orbits a single sun and as such is prone to periods of night as well as day. This "night" is dark, which precludes the use of vision.

Night will be prolific at EMF, accounting for almost 50% of the time were there. Humans will be affected by this, due to relying on their sense of vision for normal life.

Fortunately we have 2 options before us:

  1. Sleep
  2. Flashlights

Option 2 is the obvious choice, especially due to @emfducks

If you're interested or what to find out more about:

  • high power flashlights
  • LEDs, CRI, CCT, candela, throw, lumens
  • LEP (laser excited phosphor) flashlights
  • Li-ion cells (18650, 21700)
Flashlights - Torches
LED Flashlights (torches in the UK)
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