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Village:Amateur Radio +Demonstrations of Amateur Radio communication and possibly some contesting.  +
Village:AMSAT +Space, Satellites, Radio, ISS  +
Village:BmOP +Moving objects, Hacky racers, maybe some other projects  +
Village:Board Gamers +Board Games  +
Village:Bristol Hackspace +Hackspace stuff TBC  +
Village:C3VOC +Streaming Video  +
Village:Cambridge Makespace +N/a  +
Village:codebar +Making tech a better place.  +
Village:CU Spaceflight +Rockets!  +
Village:Cyber Vikings +Hacking,. Chilling, Vikings.  +
Village:Edinburgh Hacklab +Camping  +
Village:Enter-TENT-ment +Singing. Getting shushed.  +
Village:EOF Hackspace +Discussions, Chatting, Camping  +
Village:Foodhackingbase +Food, drink and bio related workshops, tastings, experimetns etc.  +
Village:Goldsmithing +Artisanal goldsmithing  +
Village:Gothic Valley +Music, Cinema, Food  +
Village:Guild of Makers +Social Area  +
Village:HABville +High Altitude Ballooning, Amateur Radio, Badge Hacking, etc.  +
Village:Hackaday Readers +Hardware, Bring-a-Hack  +
Village:Hacks 'R' Us +Hacking, dome-ing  +
Village:Hacky Racers +DIY electric vehicle racing  +
Village:Hamfurs +Amateur radio, electronics, software development, soft fuzzy things.  +
Village:Hardware Hacking Area +Hardware, hardware hacking, solder, soldering, electronics, Neurohacking, mind, sleep, bci, eeg, music synthesizers, music, art, craft  +
Village:Hardware Swap Shop +Socializing and swapping hardware  +
Village:Hat Village +Convincing people EMF is about wearing hats  +
Village:Hitchin Hackspace +Hacking  +
Village:Holistic Howlers +Howling, Wolf Stuff  +
Village:Introverted Engineering Task Force +Satire, Anime, Engineering Programming  +
Village:Irish Embassy +Chatting, hanging out, computering, hacking, making  +
Village:Little Shenzhen +Hardware, hardware hacking, soldering, camper hacking, obd2, eating  +
Village:Locksport +Lock picking, lock opening, lock dismantling, lock dismemberment  +
Village:London Hackspace +Social Area  +
Village:Maidstone Hackspace +Retro gaming, coding, robots  +
Village:Maths Village +Maths  +
Village:MEGA +Drinking  +
Village:Mega Pi Noon +Balloon popping robots  +
Village:Milliways +CIDRleaks, Whiskyleaks  +
Village:MK Makerspace +Eating, Drinking and the usual hackspace stuff  +
Village:Moose +Cooking, hacking, lounging,walking,falling,running...  +
Village:Motley Crew +Chilling.  +
Village:Newbury and District Hackspace +Hackspace!  +
Village:Nexmo & Friends +All things phone  +
Village:North-West Tenting +Tenting. Sarcasm. Video games. Incompetent D&D  +
Village:ObscureCon +Obscure Talks!  +
Village:Octogenarians +Coding, circuits, talking, vodka  +
Village:olicon +18+  +
Village:Opendigitalradio +Software Defined Radio, Open source software for Broadcast Radio  +
Village:Owl City +Laser Tag  +
Village:POTS Sub-exchange +Providing 24 Analog telephony ports for the immadiate surroundings of datenklo D1  +
Village:Quantum Technology Club +Amateur radio, maker, coding and crafting  +
Village:r4nger5 Villiage +R4nger5tube - you tube videos  +
Village:Room 11 - The rabbit hole +Neurohacking, BCI, EEG, hardware hacking, soldering, electronics  +
Village:Sai's Tent +Blind navigation talk & workshops  +
Village:Scottish Consulate +Drinking, talking, hacking, Asylum  +
Village:Serendipity Camp +Drinking tea, playing one dimensional dungeon crawl game, talking about everything, soldering, coding  +
Village:Sheffield Hackspace +Hacking, Making, BBQ,  +
Village:Team Dogsbody +Linux SysAdmins  +
Village:TermiTown +Programming, Trains, Banter, Beer  +
Village:Test village please ignore +Wiki testing  +
Village:The Northern Quarter +TEA!!! CAKE!!!  +
Village:Trowbridge Mens Shed +Workshops, Wood working, Wood turning, Electronics, 3d printing, arduino, raspberry pi  +