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The Sneakernet logo, featuring a sneaker shoe with laces forming a postmark wave.

The Sneakernet is the site's postal system, which allows you to send postcards within and beyond the Electromagnetic Field site.

Sending your mail via the Sneakernet

Drop your postcard in one of the mailboxes around the site, clearly addressed with where you would like it delivered to.

If you wish to send a postcard via Royal Mail, include a clear address, attach the correct postage, and it will be taken to a Post Office.

Delivering for the Sneakernet

[Coming soon]

Ideas for what to send

  • A note to a friend.
  • A thank you to a volunteer.
  • A love letter to an enemy.
  • The entire script of The Bee Movie (good luck!).


  • All items sent at your own risk.
  • We are not responsible for loss and/or damage.
  • Message confidentiality is not guaranteed.
  • Anything that will not fit in a mailbox will not be accepted.