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For more information on how EMF is run, and the duties of team leaders, see the Organisation page.

Teams currently looking for volunteers

If you're interested in getting involved with a team, please get in touch on IRC, or email

Full list of teams

Team Description Lead Deputy
Team:Admin Top level event organisation, including licensing, finance, site planning, and being angry at suppliers. Jonty, Russ
Team:Badge The camp badge - all design, manufacturing, and infrastructure Dpslwk Bob
Team:Bar Providing tasty beverages Steve
Team:Catering Arranging and managing food vendors on site (Not volunteer catering) Vetraskr
Team:Communications Social media, managing press interactions, communicating with attendees / companies / sponsors, seeking press for the event, outreach to other organisations littlepurplegoth
Team:Conduct and Access Looking after attendees, ensuring the event is accessible, and managing conduct issues MichelleDisraeli
Team:Construction Building various things around site for other teams AJIbbo
Team:Content Organising & scheduling talks, workshops, installations, music. Outreach to potential speakers & performers. Supporting speakers & performers on site. Jonty Dominicgs, SamLR
Team:Decoration Making sure the site looks awesome, day and night! Morag
Team:First Aid Looking after people on-site. Managing incidents. GeeksAreForLife
Team:InfoDesk Providing information to attendees before and during the event Jonwood
Team:Logistics Managing suppliers, receiving deliveries, arranging equipment stores, managing storage access on-site Jmac
Team:NOC The internet connection, on-site network, and all systems administration. Davidc
Team:Power All things to do with powering the site. Also responsible for basic site & emergency lighting. Benny
Team:Sanitation Water, toilets, showers, and rubbish & waste management Martin
Team:Sponsorship Finding sponsorship and meeting sponsors requirements Jonty
Team:Stage Staging, stage lighting, audio, video, projection, and recording. TimR Mattg
Team:Villages Coordinating with villages so they’re in the right place. Making sure they have everything they need Martin
Team:Volunteering Managing volunteers, shift sign-up, scheduling, and rewards (delicious food!) SamLR
Team:Web All EMF websites, ticket sales, volunteering, and Call for Participation systems. ms7821 SamLR
Team:Youth Organising the youth programme and liaising with our childcare providers Kate