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Andy Piper
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Bringing various dev boards (ESP32 C3, RP2040) for MicroPython hacking, a not-yet-built RC2014 Pro, probably some LEGO, possibly some board games, a BLE thermal Cat Printer thing, a GPi Case 2 with games
Arrival 2022-06-02T14:00:00Z
Departure 2022-06-05T16:00:00Z
IRC andypiper
Twitter @andypiper
Pronouns he/they/them
Arduino, Blinkenlights, Board games, Camping, Coffee, Computing in Education, Game Boy, Geocaching, Hacky Racers, History, Home Automation, LEGO, LGBTQ, LoRaWAN, MicroPython, Photography, Podcasting, Programming, Raspberry Pi, Retrocomputing, Retrogaming, Rhythm Games, Scifi, Videogames, Wearables, Weird computing

Just setting up our1 wiki page.

We've not been to EMFCamp before - it is A Thing of Legend to us! Experienced campers, but inexperienced festival / group meet attendees. Be kind :-)

We know a number of folks who have been before / are appearing in village lists etc, but may well visit villages rather than join one. Ideally we'd probably like to be at the quieter end of camping F, but we will see when we get to the site.

Update: located in the bigger blue tent, sandwiched between Village:AMSAT-UK and Test Village plz ignore, closest we could fit to our base village, Guild of Makers. More-or-less here. Hello!

1 myself and @heidigoseek, that is.

Twitter List

I have made a Twitter list of people attending EMFCamp 2022. (yes, even the EMF Ducks are on it...)

  • if you have Tweeted about being at the event, or added your Twitter handle somewhere in this wiki, then that's how I came to add you.
  • if you're not on the list and want to be (i.e. I missed you) then let me know via IRC, Twitter, or Mastodon.
  • you can remove yourself from the list by blocking and then unblocking my account (@andypiper); OR, if you wish, you can stay off it by blocking me through the event.
  • you can follow the list to have it show up in your own list of lists, or you can use it to discover other attendees.
  • top tip: you can pin Twitter lists in the Twitter mobile app, and swipe between them from the Home timeline. That's mostly why I made this list, for my own benefit :)

Aside: I did consider making a Twitter Community, but the feature is a bit buried / only available in the main Twitter app, so a list will do for this time around. I also thought about how we could do something similar with Mastodon, but that seems a lot too complicated, unfortunately - the search is not great, and everyone would probably need to be on a single instance... meh. You can find hashtagged Toots on Mastodon, but it's not very comprehensive as a discovery mechanism.

Update: there is also now a Fediverse Guppe group!

More about me

  • Interests include, but are not limited to: MicroPython, MQTT, LEGO, APIs, Board games, Dr Who, Communities, Electronics, Microcontrollers, Retrogaming, Raspberry Pi, Vinyl, Fediverse, DevRel, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Education, Open Source, Open Hardware, Star Wars
    • I want to learn more about LoRaWAN, RC2014, and probably, well, everything
  • I hang out at Makeroni (HackWimbledon) sometimes
  • Lots of other ways to find me / what I do, via

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