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|Name=Graham Horsman
|Village=Village:Gothic Valley
|Bringing=40m 16A hookup cable, 75M cat6, switches, Much blinkenlight
|Interests=Interest:3D printing, Interest:Blinkenlights, Interest:Board games, Interest:Camping, Interest:Hacky Racers, Interest:Lockpicking, Interest:Radio, Interest:Retrocomputing, Interest:Retrogaming, Interest:Robotics, Interest:Videogames

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Graham Horsman

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Bringing 40m 16A hookup cable, 75M cat6, switches, Much blinkenlight
Village Village:Gothic Valley
Arrival 2022-07-07T15:00:00.000Z
Departure 2022-05-30T12:07:59.000Z
Email g.horsman@virgin.net
Twitter @callingallrx
Pronouns He/Him
3D printing, Blinkenlights, Board games, Camping, Hacky Racers, Lockpicking, Radio, Retrocomputing, Retrogaming, Robotics, Videogames