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Description The Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area in Camping G for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things.
Contact User:Maltman23
Activities hardware, hardware hacking, solder, soldering, electronics, Neurohacking, mind, sleep, bci, eeg, music synthesizers, music, art, craft
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Hardware Hacking Area

We're the hardware hacking area, in the Workshop 3 tent (map), by Camping: F.

We'll bring a bus that unfolds into a large tent, and hack on hardware under that. We'll have workshops and tools and a bunch of people ready to help and teach. You can learn to solder, learn to build things that blink and/or make noise, and generally have hardware fun.

There will be ongoing workshops on many topics.

All ages, all skill levels, all welcome!