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ADHD Hackers


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An awesome place to meet ADHD folks. Diagnosed, undiagnosed, someone who loves and cares for a person with ADHD or just curious - everyone is welcome.

Located in a quieter area of the camp to help sleep, plenty ear plugs available and create a unique environment at the best hacking event on the planet.

There's a Discord Server here if you want to say hello or even see if someone is bringing some stuff you might find helpful :)

VILLAGE UPDATE 08:56 03-JUN-2022: Like the vast majority of projects by ADHD folks, the village is unfortunately not finished and the organiser came over 24 hours later than initially planned. Everyone distributed evenly across the camp :) There are still meet-ups being organised which are being added to the schedule and also here. Please update wiki if you'd like to organise anything.

ADHD/ASD Meetup: Saturday, 17:00 at Robot Arms.