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An awesome place to meet ADHD folks. Diagnosed, undiagnosed, someone who loves and cares for a person with ADHD or just curious - everyone is welcome. It’s a great opportunity to share experiences and hack ADHD!

We’ll hopefully be located in a quieter area of the camp to help sleep, plenty ear plugs available and create a unique environment at the best hacking event on the planet.

Informal ADHD group workshops will be hosted for at an hour or so (no doubt last much longer as everyone will have so much so say!!!) every day. Timings to be updated here.

If you'd like to join the village please add your name so we can get idea of space required.

There’s an ADHD Hackers discord server so there’s an opportunity to say hello before the event and chat about any stuff anyone's bringing and happy to share or even shared cooking ideas, etc.

Name Intro
Tom Second time at EMF. Driving so bringing plenty stuff! I have a 16A power adapter so can share 13A sockets and extension cables. Also couple of gas stoves, pots, coffee grinder/stove-top espresso pot, soldering iron and boxes of stuff.