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Looking for a village and enjoy board games or meeting people? Join us, we're all very friendly!

We have a few covered (and well lit) areas to play a wide variety of modern board games, and are hosting a few large games.

We're a bit short on tables/chairs, so please them along if you have any!

You can find a list of our events below, or subscribe to our [calendar feed].

For the latest information follow us on Twitter

Board Gamers

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Description Enjoy modern board games? Join us!
Contact User:Pez
Activities Board Games
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Relevant interests
Board Games, Games, Light, Role-Playing Games
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Aaron Butterworth Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Dice, DnD 5e, Some spare tent space
Brandon Hawkes Fri Aug 24 12:00 Sun Aug 26 0:00 Sushi Go Party, Azul, The Mind, maybe some others.
Daniel McVeigh Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Tent / Board Games / People

Maybe: Mini fridge

Danté Whitworth-Ryan Tent / Dungeons and Dragons 5e / Nintendo Switch
Iris Renckens Fri Aug 31 14:00 Mon Sep 3 12:00 Tent, some small games if I have some space left :)
Jon Hadley (M6JNY) Ultimate3/3S QRSS/WSPR kit. Twilight Struggle. Camping tables.
Jon Wood Thu Aug 30 17:00 Sun Aug 26 16:00 Myself, a laptop, several Raspberry Pis, and whatever random IoT kit we're testing at work that week, and an assortment of board games.
Joseph Rowlands Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Secret Hitler (Low-Fi PDF version)
Kira221b Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Dice, Risk
Lennaert Bel Fri Aug 31 16:00 Mon Sep 3 12:00 Tent, dice
Matt Goody Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 One Night Werewolf + Expansion
Mex Fri Aug 31 22:00 Baofeng uv-b5
Mr Baens Fri Aug 31 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Food and drink, Dice (maybe for some D&D?), Bang!, maybe some other games (depends on the suitcase size)
OllieB Tue Aug 28 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00
Paul L Fri Aug 31 14:00 Mon Sep 3 12:00 Secret Hitler
Pez Fri Aug 31 12:00 Mon Sep 3 12:00 Me: Tent, Camera, Stove

Village: Gazebo, LED Lights, Board Games, Table, Chairs To share: Smoke Machine, Strobe

Ric Fri Aug 31 10:00 Sun Sep 2 22:00
Stuart Ward Fri Aug 31 12:00 Sat Sep 1 14:00
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What we'll have

  • Awning(s)
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Lights
  • Long extension leads (25+ m)
  • Short extension leads

Games we're bringing

Game Who Players
Two Room and a Boom Pez 8+
Codenames Pez 4+
Five Tribes Pez 2-4
Decrypto Pez 3-8
Secret Hitler Pez 5-10
Coup Pez 4-10
Sherriff of Nottingham Daniel McVeigh 3-5
XCom Jon Wood 2 - 4 (Ideally 4)
King of Tokyo Jon Wood 2 - 6
Munchkin Jon Wood 2 - ∞
Exploding Kittens Jon Wood 2 - ∞
Twilight Struggle Jon Hadley 2
Game name Your Name Player count

Events in the Board Gamers Village

Name Start End Organiser
Two Rooms and a Boom Fri Aug 31 18:00 Fri Aug 31 19:00 Pez
Two Rooms and a Boom Sat Sep 1 18:00 Sat Sep 1 19:00 Pez
Stage A: Two Rooms and a Boom Sun Sep 2 21:30 Sun Sep 2 22:30 Pez

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