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=== blogs etc ===
=== additional collections of such pages/tools ===
Hackaday maintains a retro-compatible version of their blog: http://retro.hackaday.com/

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Collection of sites that should be accessible over slow connections and/or on retro hardware. A main restriction for the latter are pages that require HTTPS - best practice has left retro-systems far behind.

general internet/proxies

http://frogfind.com/ - "The Search Engine for Vintage Computers" - "The search functionality of FrogFind is basically a custom wrapper for DuckDuckGo search, converting the results to extremely basic HTML that old browsers can read. When clicking through to pages from search results, those pages are processed through a PHP port of Mozilla's Readability, which is what powers Firefox's reader mode. I then further strip down the results to be as basic HTML as possible."


https://wttr.in/Eastnor (requires HTTPS, could be hosted without: https://github.com/chubin/wttr.in)


(all require HTTPS)




additional collections of such pages/tools