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Aligned with the Hacks R Us village, EMF-IX Provides to bring a Internet exchange point to the field. Improving the local internet access and performance.

The internet exchange is mostly run by User:Benjojo however there are a handful of other people also running the exchange.

IXP Equipment

Type Model Owner
Switch ECS4610-50T Benjojo
PDU 2x APC 8 Port C14 Benjojo
Server SuperMicro x9 1U system Benjojo
Server 8x WYSE 3020 Benjojo
Router SRX110 Benjojo


Full members list can be found on the EMF-IX website and provisioning portal:

ASN Name Hardware Connected
AS213185 Eta Heese Unknown FALSE
AS210561 Q Misell Unknown FALSE
AS211244 Harley Tomas Watson WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS203729 June Slater Unknown FALSE
AS50419 Eye Pea Ltd. Unknown FALSE
AS211998 Violet Monkey Consulting LTD Unknown FALSE
AS207755 Rory Bolton Unknown FALSE
AS207748 Stephen Fraser Unknown FALSE
AS202562 Roelf Wichertjes WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS211579 Laura Hausmann Unknown FALSE
AS204345 Timothy Stallard Unknown FALSE
AS206754 Alistair Mackenzie Unknown FALSE
AS112 AS112 Project Plumspace Smart SFP FALSE
AS57782 Cynthia Maja Revstrom WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS206924 Ben Cartwright-Cox Juniper SRX110 FALSE
AS207846 Lauren Renee Kelly WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS207480 Molly Miller WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS207080 Basil Fillan WYSE 3020 FALSE
AS208563 Ilteris Yagiztegin Eroglu WYSE 3020 FALSE

Hosted Machines

Since not everyone can bring systems to EMF, 8 pre-provisioned Dell WYSE 3030 systems are designed to be limited, but also as "Plug and Play" as possible.

The WYSE machines have a Intel Atom CPU of around 450 Passmark and 2GB of RAM. Storage is provided over the IX via ATA_over_Ethernet (AOE).

AOE is used to prevent people from iptables'es-ing away their storage, as this would be quite disadvantageous for any poor soul who does that. Instead the AOE Storage is provided by the IX server (on SSDs) in the flight case. Connected to the internet exchange at 10GbE.

These WYSE systems are entirely PXE booted over the network and while there is eMMC storage on them, We ask members to not touch that.

The original plan was for these machines to be 2007 Mac Mini's, However they proved impossible to purely netboot, and had already had their disks removed. So a switch to the WYSE machines provided a welcome sanity boost, and performance jump!