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Gothic Valley

Village-Gothic Valley.jpeg

Description Residents and associates of London Gothic Valley, Gothic Heights etc
Contact User:HughePaul
Activities Music, Cinema, Food
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Emma Sat Jul 2 16:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00
Glyn Thu Jun 2 13:00 Mon Jun 6 9:00
Graham Horsman Thu Jul 7 15:00 Mon May 30 12:07 25m 16a ceeform extension cable (caravan hookup) for power (untested)

15m 16a ceeform to uk mains 3 gang with rcd - waterproof for power (untested)

75M outdoor cat6 cable - If this doesn't reach the nearest dataenklo, nothing will.

Network switches - actual number unknown at this time. The wiki tells me there's a max of 10 devices per datenklo port used so it's not likely to be more than 10 ports and at least one of my devices may take up a few of those slots.

Jodi Thu Jun 2 13:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00
Mouseboks Fri Jun 3 12:38 Mon Jun 6 9:38
Tera Thu Jun 2 16:00 Mon Jun 6 11:00
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Gothic Valley

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  • Not to be confused with cybergoths
  • Safe to feed after midnight
  • Soluble in cider

Village Notices

The Parish of Gothic Valley ~•~For The Greater Good~•~

  • Vampire creche opens from sun-up to sundown
  • Bats to be kept on a lead at all times, except service bats which are free to roam
  • All incantations and spells to be signed off by the Village Council before deployment
  • No parking on any graves between 18:00 and 06:00 without a permit
  • Only Hackney Hearses may be flagged down within the boundary of the village
  • Garlic may only be cooked with by a licensed Necromancer holding a valid food safety certificate
  • No Holy water permitted at any time. Anyone found blessing water will be removed by the Gothic Intelligence Service