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Nuclear Calamity


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Description Stable atoms are soooo pre-Covid. Our interest is in the unstable ones, in particular those emitting high energy radiation while decaying.
Contact User:yverbelen
Activities Nuclear engineering workshops and electronics hacking
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annoo Thu Jun 2 17:18 Sun Jun 5 11:18
Ulrike ( Raika )
Yannick Thu Jul 28 16:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 Doom and despair
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At Nuclear Calamity, we're a group of hackers and makers united by a common interest in electronics and particle physics. We're fascinated by nuclear reactions, radioactivity, high energy radiation, and build detectors and software to detect and observe ionising particles.

Preparing for a nuclear apocalypse we're causing ourselves, we're bringing radiation detectors, uranium glass, thorium, and a bunch of other interesting materials. Come have a chat with us about nuclear physics while enjoying a cool glass of ice tea!

If you like to get (radio)active, join us in the workshops we're organising:

  • Build Your Own Geiger Counter: this is an intro level workshop on particle detector physics, as well as an electronics soldering exercise. We will be bringing circuit boards, components, and 100 authentic Soviet era Geiger-Müller tubes!
  • Hacking Alchemy: Turning Household Materials into Gold: this is an advanced level workshop in nuclear physics, demonstrating the principles of nuclear reactions. We teach you how to build a mini nuclear reactor with household materials and use it to turn ordinary metal into gold!