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Hello! We’re Persimmon village! We're a bunch of friends building a chill campsite for EMF.

Village location: Near the Accessible Camping area. Exact location TBC.

Note: Wikitables isn't the most intuitive format to update, so if you need help updating any part of this page, you can ask Amran or Siobhan!


  • Alia
  • Cat
  • Amran
  • Sarah
  • David
  • Siobhan
  • Olly
  • Jo
  • Andy


If you’re staying in Persimmon village, you can join the Persimmon village Signal group. You need to ask another Persimmon villager to add you.

If you’re not staying in Persimmon village but you’d like to get hold of somebody who is, procure a persimmon and carry it through the festival grounds, calling your target's name aloud.

FAQs and rules

  • You must seek permission to enter into the village itself. We're being strict about this, because some persimmons need a calm/quiet space with a sense of security. The closed village is a space that enables us all to be at the event; without it, some of us wouldn't be able to attend. Please don't feel excluded by our actions; the boundary is there to ensure the safety of those who need it most.
  • No laughing in the bell tent.
  • Whatever you do, don't.

COVID safety

TLDR: Please only attend if you've tested negative for COVID and you're not experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

EMF is a big festival, and we can't completely control our exposure to others. However, there are a few things we can do to be good festival citizens and keep each other safe.

If you're staying in or hanging out in Persimmon village, we would love for you to do the following:

Before you set off from home:

  • Take an LFT and let the group know your status, via the group chat. If you test positive, please don't attend.
  • Let the group know about any potential extra risk factor (for example, your housemate just had COVID, or you recently went to a big crowded indoor place). This gives our more vulnerable friends enough information to make safety decisions.
  • Make a safe plan for what you'll do if you test positive while you're at the event.

During EMF:

  • Take an LFT every day.
  • If you're able to, carry a mask for spaces that are poorly ventilated (for example, crowded tents and festival toilets).
  • Use a friendly alternative to hugs and handshakes.

Some people will bring extra LFTs and masks so that we have enough to go around, but if you can bring your own, please do!