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Poorly Located Prog


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Contact User:Harkonen
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
David Mon May 30 13:00 Tue Jun 7 18:00 ISOPOD
Sadie Thu Jun 2 17:00 Sun Jun 5 11:00
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An erratic collection of makers, burners, goths and hippies from Cambridge here to have a good time and bring chaos and/or prog to EMF. Rest of page TBC.

PLP Members (partial)
Name Pronouns Desc Ext
Tomathy(Hark) They/Them Electronics nerd ready to commit gay crimes TMFY
Sadie she/her IRC feline whomst loves girl;s 6697
Fi she/her Crimes against operating systems SLUT
David he/him LED-crimes against eyeballs DAVD