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This is the village where Maker Space members (of Newcastle and Gateshead) and friends will be gathering. Our only real policy is "Flat caps optional, being nice mandatory". That and the global not being on fire thing.

This year we will be extending the gazebo "chillout" worm, bringing more radio equipment to demonstrate and experiment with, the original PDT (power distribution tent) returns after repair, and there will be tea. Lots of tea. We are big on tea.

Adding EMF to EMF

Since last time when we surreptitiously placed a LoRa station behind one of the orange "Loos" we've been working on our EM field creating abilities by reviving 3 dormant radio amateurs and creating 3 shiny new ones which means we can play with all that nifty spectrum and plan to provide some toys for general use across the site.

Assuming the OFCOM gods smile at us then we should have:

  1. Brandmeister linked DMR repeater providing 2 timeslots across the site
  2. DAPNET Paging Transmitter

Of course we're hoping to add some makeresque (is that a word?) facilities around these and potentially some additional systems so check back for any announcements ;-)