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A village for people who don't know anyone else coming, but who would like to know people by the time they leave. There might be some sort of How to EMF workshop for people who are new to the idea of hacker camps, but no promises! If you'd like to join the village please edit this page and add your name below, along with a few details about yourself.

Name Intro
Jon Created another village like this in 2012, back when I knew no one. Doing it again 12 years later to provide a home for people who would like a softer entry to EMF than trying to find a space in the field.
Peter Absolutely new to EMF (indeed, any hacker camp) and this sounds like a good idea.
Edwin Also a hacker camp newbie! Software hacker for fun and also for a living, radio ham, sometime musician.
Bastiaan First time EMF Camp visitor, all the way from The Netherlands. Financial software consultant by day, hardware hacker by night.
Emily First time at a hacker camp - I know Raz, Robert and Ryan but I want to meet more people! Programmer/content writer, and in my free time I'm into puzzles and trivia.
Raz First time at EMF / any hacker camp, keen to meet other newbies! Computational chemist from London, (very) amateur musician, Emily's boyfriend.