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Description A village for people who don't know anyone else coming, but who would like to know people by the time they leave.
Contact User:JonWood
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Aaron Jackson Thu Jun 2 16:00 Mon Jun 6 9:00 tent, laptop, radio, 10m uk extension lead
Andrejs Bondarevs Thu Jun 2 20:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 tent, laptop
Bastiaan Slee Thu Jun 2 14:00 Mon Jun 6 11:00 The Things Network (LoRaWAN) Gateway
Ben Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00 240v air pump, 25m 13a 4-gang cable reel, tent peg hammer, multitool
Daniel Sanderson Thu Jun 2 12:08 Mon Jun 6 12:08
Driftv Thu Jun 2 20:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 Have put lots in the car. (real time updates :)). Including a few bench PSUs, some decent speakers, lots of cables, some tape/etc, random electronics and dev boards
Hopo Thu Jun 2 14:00 Sun Jun 5 18:00 Led curtain, led suit, thermal grill illusion, circus kit
Nyx Thu Jun 2 0:00 Mon Jun 6 0:00 16a splitter, 5m 16a to 4x13a sockets cable
Peter Grant Thu Jun 2 12:07 Mon Jun 6 12:00
Rémy Fri Jul 1 0:00 Tue Jul 5 0:00 ESP32, SDRs, Walkie Talkies
Rob Thu Jun 2 15:31 Sat Jun 4 22:31 Long extension lead with 16A connector, Ethernet switch and leads, maybe a box of cable and some crimp connectors, general tools and stuff. ESP32 modules, SDR, Pi, Soldering Iron. Gazebo and gas stove if there is still space after all that lot.
Rosana Thu Jun 2 14:00 Sat Jun 4 16:00
Scott Cariss Thu Jun 2 10:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 Waterproof ceeform to 2xUK plug adpater, 25m extension reel, Coffee machine and some ESP32 dev boards
Steve Thu Jun 2 15:00 Sun Jun 5 13:00 Amateur radios, RTLSDR, Lockpicks, practice locks.
Thomas Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 11:00 40m 16A ceeform cable, 2 way splitter, and short Ceeform to 4x 13A + 2 USB.. A fridge with some drinks, and a wheel barrow thing for transport.
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A village for people who don't know anyone else coming, but who would like to know people by the time they leave.

If you'd like to join the village please edit this page and add your name below, along with a few details about yourself.


Name Intro Bringing
Jon Created another village like this in 2012, back when I knew no one. Doing it again 12 years later to provide a home for people who would like a softer entry to EMF than trying to find a space in the field. 25m 16A ceeform to ceeform cable, some addressable LED strip (no power supply, or anything to drive it though), 3 other people (if you're one of those people, add your name below and decrement that count)
Peter Absolutely new to EMF. Works with computers, makes things in wood, fabric, plastic, occasionally basic electronics and metal work. 25m 16a Ceeform to Ceeform cable, 15m Ceeform to 3x 13a sockets, kettle and stove
Edwin Also a hacker camp newbie! Software hacker for fun and also for a living, radio ham, sometime musician.
Bastiaan First time EMF Camp visitor, all the way from The Netherlands. Financial software consultant by day, hardware hacker by night.
Emily First time at a hacker camp - I know Raz, Robert and Ryan but I want to meet more people! Programmer/content writer, and in my free time I'm into puzzles and trivia.
Raz First time at EMF / any hacker camp, keen to meet other newbies! Computational chemist from London, (very) amateur musician, Emily's boyfriend.
ryan first timer, talk to me about blender. hates capitals
Nyx First timer. Interested in radios, public transport, and homebrew games. 16a splitter, 5 metre 16a to 4x 13a socket cable, camping stove
Andy Fletcher First time at EMF. Off grid in South Shropshire. Love to talk about Solar power, battery systems, inverters, CO2 and climate change. Yes you can run your house purely on solar in the UK :) - Offgrid PV photovoltaic LiFePO4
Niamhishere EMF second timer but now with some different dimensions. Have son, will play arcade games, prefer if the village is on the quiet side for the night.
Tmor Engineer, Tinkerer, and EMF first timer. Interested in anything involving electrons. 40m 16A ceeform cable, 2 way splitter, and short Ceeform to 4x 13A + 2 USB.
Steve First timer. Into radios and want to hear about anything that people are excited about.
Roger Regular on C3 and NL Camps, EMF first timer. Identity and mail migration specialist in the M$ bubble by day, electronics, security and general tech enthusiast by night. Event Shelter 4.5mx4.5m, Gas Grill/Cooking station, Switch (16x 1GbE), 16A CEE (blue) to CEE 7/3 (SchuKo) + 5 port CEE 7/3
Hopo Connected to Leicester Hackspace, but we havent got a contingency at EMF this year. Last attended in 2016. A creator of things with LEDs, mechatronics, and general tinkering. Looking to discover new exiting people and things. 2mx2m LED curtain, can be freestanding (to walk through) or attached to the side of a marquee/tent. If this can be visible from the 'street' that would be much appreciated. Also, a Thermal Grill Illusion that I would like to be able to set up in the event shelter for people to play with if possible, smaller than a cat-carrier, needs mains. I also have a sand-table, but still needs some (software) work so unsure if to bring that or not.
Soph Connected to Leicester Hackspace as above, First time at EMF. Interested in performance arts and installations, fabric creations and bright colours. Looking to meet some interesting people and do some fun things. We (Hopo & I) can bring an additional gazebo or another little gas stove etc. We have various camping supplies if needed.


We're on IRC Libera.Chat ( at: ##unaffiliated



Maybe a How to EMF workshop? Nothing concrete yet.

Location / Layout

Preferably Camping F or nearby - but not decided yet.

We have an event shelter available (courtesy of Roger), 15 rented chairs, and a rented table. Centring the village around that could be a good idea.

Noise Levels

Registered as "Socialising/quiet music"