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* [[User:Nat Lasseter | Nat]] (Thu-Mon)
* [[User:Nat Lasseter | Nat]] (Thu-Mon)
* Mellie
* Mellie
* Lex (who is bringing their Giant Cube!)
== Organised <s>Crime</s>Transport ==
== Organised <s>Crime</s>Transport ==

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York Hackspace and Friends


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Description York Hackspace and Friends
Contact User:Nat_Lasseter
Web Site https://york.hackspace.org.uk/
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Gavin Atkinson Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 9:00 Fridge (hopefully?)
John Cooper
Joseph Food, Telescope (maybe)
Lex Giant Cube!
Nat Lasseter Thu Jun 2 14:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00
Nick Thu Jun 2 16:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00
Stam Thu Jun 2 12:00 Mon Jun 6 11:00
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We are York Hackspace and friends camping together in a field.

Happy Campers

  • Nat (Thu-Mon)
  • Mellie
  • Lex (who is bringing their Giant Cube!)

Organised CrimeTransport

Lex's Van

Occupants: Lex, ...

Remaining seats: 0

Nat's Car

Occupants: Nat, Mellie

Remaining seats: 2