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>>> BRING A 50m CAT5 CABLE ! <<< !!

It's super easy to get connected to the CuTEL POTS Telephone network and start making and receiving calls.

You Will Need

  • 50m CAT5 Cable - Cheap CCA is fine. If you want standard wired internet from the NOC rememeber to bring 2 cables!
  • A RJ45 couple and BT adapter* - These are available for £3 from the Amateur Radio Village

* You're welcome to buy / build your own adapter if you wish. B (-48v) is on pin 4 and A (0v) is on pin 5. Remember to use something with a ring capacitor inside it.


Call 6288 for support


It might be worth taking your adapter and phone with you whilst getting connected so you can test it works prior to running 50m of cable. It's also worth labelling or otherwise your cable.

  1. Find your nearest Distribution Point. They're white buckets and should be next to the Datenklos ("Portaloos" that are used for the power / network distribution). If you don't know where your closest one is, ask a neighbour, or look on the map. Warning: In a former life the buckets contained a sesame seed based product, and lived in a factory that handled seeds / nuts. They have been washed, but some residue remains
  2. Remove the lid. If its collected water, try and get rid of it by tipping or shaking the bucket before opening it.
  3. Find an available port. There's two styles - The "Primary" distribution points with 12x lines and 3x trunk ports, and the "Secondary" distribution points with 4-8 lines. Don't connect to a port if the input is empty. Likewise don't connect to a trunk port unless instructed to. Do not remove other cables already connected.
  4. If you bought your phone and adapter, try plugging it in. Do you get a dial tone? Ring 17070 for the engineering menu to test the line (Or 17071 from a rotary phone). In the unlikely event it doesn't work, find another port.
  5. Thread your CAT5 cable through the hole in the side of the bucket and insert it into the connector. Try to dress it so there's a drip loop, i.e part of the cable is lower than the connectors inside.
  6. Make a note of which port you're connected to.
  7. Firmly shut the bucket of the lid.
  8. At the far end of the cable (I.E your tent or village) connect the coupler and adapter and plug your phone in
  9. Add your number to the CuTEL directory
  10. Have fun


  1. Find the Distribution point you were connected to.
  2. Remove the lid. If its collected water, try and get rid of it by tipping or shaking the bucket before opening it.
  3. Locate your cable
  4. Remove it
  5. Firmly shut the bucket of the lid

One of the Distribution Points
A Primary Distribution Point
A Secondary Distribution Point
An RJ45 to BT adapter
A connected phone