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What To Bring?

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This is an incomplete list and only a suggestion!

Vital stuff

  • Tent (or space in someone else's)
  • Bedding - a sleeping bag and a pillow, plus extra blankets in case it is cold
  • Clean clothes
  • A towel (we have showers!)
  • Shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.
  • Torch and extra batteries. The site will be well lit but there will be darker bits (e.g. inside your tent)
  • Food and/or money for food (the bar will do cashback if you need more money)
  • Walking boots or wellies (the site is a field, good shoes are a must)
  • Waterproofs. This is the UK: we do wet.
  • Warm clothing, for evenings and sleeping in if it gets cold
  • Rucksack (or similar) for carrying valuables about with you (tents are NOT secure & we cannot guarantee things will be safe anywhere on site)
  • Medicines, hayfever tablets (you will be surrounded by hay bales all day)
  • Sun cream and/or a sun hat
  • Your EMF ticket (printed or saved on your phone)

Useful things to bring

  • A 20-30m power lead. If you can, a 16A plug on the end is useful.
  • A long (as long as the power lead) ethernet cable to connect your tent (although we have WiFi as well).
  • Computer, both for personal use and many of our workshops will use them
  • Charging gear (for phones, laptops etc.)
  • Europe to UK plug adaptors (if you have non-UK equipment)
  • Making gear (for any/all of your hobbies)
  • Mug, useful for food & drink (when not got from vendors)
  • Tape, gaffer, LX, what ever, always useful for fixing things wot break (like tents)
  • Pen and paper
  • A water bottle and/or mug
  • Bin bags (for rubbish and dirty clothes)
  • A few gold and silver space blankets and clothes pins to cover your tent and prevent it from turning into an oven in the morning sun

Advice for villages/large groups

  • A small camping kettle may come in handy (larger kettles require care). We have food and drink vendors on site.
  • A camping stove shouldn't be needed, but will be permitted as long as it's off the ground.
  • A network switch may reduce the amount of network cabling required but please inform NOC you have a switch. Wireless access points are not allowed.
  • The switches in the DK's won't all do 10Mbit, so if you need 10Mbit connectivity (e.g. for old or embedded things) please bring a switch.
  • A mini fridge may be useful for storing milk

Things to avoid if possible

  • Glass bottles: broken glass is a pain to clean up.
  • Being on fire.
  • Repeatedly jumping on a pile of bean bags in the lounge: bean bag balls are a pain to clean up.