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Organising & scheduling talks, workshops, installations, music.

Team members

Ben.fitzgeraldBen Fitzgerald
DominicgsDominic Spill
M0LTSLaurence Stant

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SpeakerOps - taking care of speakers, making sure they have all they need, know where to go, introducing their talk & co-ordinating questions etc.) is now part of Content. To find out more about SpeakerOps and what it involves please have a look at the page on (you guessed it) SpeakerOps. SpeakerOps is good fun and volunteers to help out are most welcome. Training and full support is available so you'll be confident and comfortable in the role. Also ideal if you'd like to get experience of being on stage in front of the friendly EMF audience if you've got ideas of giving a full talk yourself in the future.