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Bringing blind stuff (canes, braille labeller, frame & stylus, etc)
Village Village:Hardware Hacking Area
Arrival 2022-06-02T14:00:00.000Z
Departure 2022-06-06T12:00:00.000Z
IRC saizai
Twitter @saizai
Facebook saizai
Pronouns 🇺🇸🇬🇧 they/you, 🇷🇺 они/вы, 🇫🇷 iel/vous, 🇪🇸 elle/Ud., 🇯🇵 あの人/貴方, 🇨🇳 他/您
Access blind

Hi, I'm Sai (I'm mononymous); my handle is saizai pretty much everywhere. I'm a hacker (with main interests in neuroscience, conlangs, law, & AI), non-binary/agender, and light-blind. See my tips on blindness-related interaction.

I speak English, Russian, American Sign Language, French, & Spanish to at least conversational fluency, plus marginal Japanese, minimal Chinese, and barely-existent Arabic. N.b. I don't know British Sign Language (except the alphabet), and ASL/BSL aren't mutually intelligible.

My tent will be near the Hardware Hacking Area, marked with a conlang flag.

Talk and workshops

I'm giving a talk and workshops on blind navigation, and a meditation workshop.

All details are at and signup form is


  • EMF 2022 DECT: 4724 (4-SAI) - should be reachable between 2 June 3pm to 6 June noon, from the EMF DECT network.
  • Signal/Telegram: +1 510 394 4724 (FYI 4 SAI)
  • Long-term EPVPN extension: 7247 (SAI-7) — also EventPhone, but not reachable from the EMF DECT network; you have to separately register w/ EPVPN. In theory this should work right now, and after EMF as well.

During EMF, call for anything that needs a response time of less than one day.