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Description Small village of friends and colleagues
Contact User:Duckbuster

Relevant interests
Badge, Electronics, Estonian E-Residency, Games, Music, Open Source Software, Radio, Raspberry Pi, This wiki
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Duckbuster Thu Aug 30 17:00 Mon Sep 3 9:00 GPD Pocket, GPD Win 2, Odroid C2, SNES Mini, Nintendo Switch, Netgear GS724Tv4, PC Monitor, Various Game Controllers, Bluetooth Speaker, HDMI Splitter
Freddy S.
Samwise Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Duvelke, spanriemen voor duvelke, beetje gereedschap (tang, schroevendraaiers), koffers voor materiaal
Sasha De Grijze Thu Aug 30 17:00 Mon Sep 3 9:00 Odroid XU4, Odroid C2, PMR radios, FR24 gear
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Other Info

Don't forget for the people driving, parking tickets!:

What we still need to bring/don't forget

Long Power/ethernet cables:

Good wiki page on stuff to bring:

Stuff we are on lookout for/still need to get:

  • a fridge
  • a big party tent
  • cooking gear
  • table/chairs