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Furry High Commission

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Most furries are geeks, and a lot of the people who attend EMF are geeks too, so there's a big overlap with the communities. The Furry High Commission exists to provide a focal point and consular services for furries attending EMF. We know you're here, so come say hi! Anyone is welcome, be they furries, or curious about the furry fandom.

We will be operating an amateur radio station using our club call sign, M0YIP. We'll also have an SDR project and some other bits and bobs with us, as well as fursuits and a sunny disposition. The pagers and an FM repeater (GB3MF) are operated from the village. More info on those later.


This is a non-exhaustive list of village inhabitants. If you want to add yourself, your name can be whatever you prefer to be called by. If you're bringing something cool like a radio or something communally useful like a kettle stick it in the "Bringing" Column. We don't need to know about your socks. If you are sleeping in the village, identify which tent you plan to sleep in. If you are sleeping elsewhere, just put "Elsewhere".

Name Callsign Arrival Departure Bringing Sleeping in
Tryst M0TRY Late 01/06 or early 02/06, depending on logistics. 06/06 Repeater, pagers, 15m Clarke mast, radio station including tent, event shelter, tables, camp kitchen, power, network cable. Tryst's 2-man dome tent; aka the "Snore Zone"
Olefin M0/VA3MOO Arriving with Tryst Departing with Tryst Yunas' tent
Renby 2E0KJU 01/06 late - Needs lift from BHX 06/06 Tryst's radio tent
Cosmo M0OFX 02/06 - possibly coach, unless a lift is available 06/06 Extension cable, network cables, maybe a small network switch. Yunas' tent
Yunas Yunas' family-size tent
Peanut 02/06 06/06 Elsewhere
Moose 02/06 06/06 Elsewhere
Gamepopper 02/06 - Morning preferable, possibly arrive on the coach unless I get a lift. 05/06 - Afternoon or whenever the coaches start departing. Extension cables, multipoints, Gamepopper's single person tent
tomkandy 02/06 06/06 several kegs of homebrewed beer and dispense equipment boop's tent
boop 02/06 06/06 BBQ + Fuel ‘The Improbably large yurt of comfort’
unlobito 2M0LOB 02/06 05/06 Elsewhere
Purple 02/06 06/06 My small 2 person tent

Village Layout

This is the initial plan for laying out the village. The intent is to cluster under one end of the dipole antenna. In 2018, some other attendees chose to camp under the dipole and it's likely that will happen again, so if we are able to leave space for that to happen safely, that would be good.

The HF dipole antenna is orientated to give us the best chance of working stations in North America.

FHC Village Layout

Mast and Antennas

The main mast is a Clark QT-12T. It is a telescopic, pneumatically extended aluminium mast, 12m tall and with a maximum head load of 15kg. It is safe to use in winds of up to 120km/h with guy ropes. Third-party liability insurance for this structure is provided by Arch Insurance, policy reference RS335821057.

20220425-Furry High Commission Antennas.png

Using the Ofcom EMF compliance distance calculator, the minimum separation to be maintained between the radiating feed point of the dipole and the public is 4.77m, based on 100W into a 2.15dBi dipole. The achieved separation is 10m, based on the feed point being 10m AGL and nobody being taller than 2m.

EMF compliance calculator showing minimum separation at 10MHz.

There is a shock hazard associated with the ends of the dipole, so 3m lengths of CLS are used at each end of the antenna to keep it safely above head height.

Contact Us

Local Comms
  • GB3MF, Output frequency: 430.8 MHz, Input Frequency: 438.4 MHz, CTCSS 118.8