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Guild of Makers


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Description Guild of Makers - for the Maker Industry
Contact @DrLucyRogers
Activities Social Area
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Claire Pollard Fri Aug 31 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Cross stitch and a couple of Raspberry Pi projects...
GeekyTim Fri Aug 31 12:00 Mon Sep 3 12:00 Myself! Got to think of something that won't embarrass me. Which I suppose excludes me from bringing myself.
Helen Leigh Steer Unicorn horns, electronics kit and e textile stuff
John Thurmond Not sure yet, other than curiosity and a willingness to learn
Lucy Lego, Marqueeeees, chairs, things and stuff.
Martin Fri Aug 31 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Not sure yet
MechanicalCat A mechanical siamese-twin cat. A set of play-all-day antweight battlebots. A PhieldBug.

And - we hope - enough luck to make at least one of them work.

Michael Horne Fri Aug 31 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00 Soldering iron, solder, USB battery packs, stuff to hack a robot with (including newly cut cardboard chassis!). Also, portable HDMI screen-in-a-box, several Raspberry Pis and SD cards... Basically, I've gone through my Shed and grabbed a load of stuff that I'll more than likely not use all weekend! :-D
Paul Britton Thu Aug 30 17:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 BigHak
Stephen Amor Fri Aug 31 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00 Cheerlights! A chair, a tent, a Linux laptop, ESP8266 and Arduino, bits and bobs, micro 3D helicopter, micro drone, stuff, bits and bobs n more stuff.
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Aimed at professional makers and those aspiring to be. Over 18's only.

John Thurmond (@grajohnt) (staying/socializing) - looking to learn anything and everything and hearing stories about learning through failure (will trade for beer/food)

Michael Horne (@recantha) - my first EMF Camp and looking to learn, explore and encourage where I can!

Tim Richardson (@geeky_tim) - a Founder Member of Guild of Makers. My EMF camp, and not a clue what to do! Wanting to learn more.

Steve Amor (@steveamor) - Always making and doing!

Helen Leigh Steer (@helenleigh) - Maker of robot unicorns, lecturer in electronics and play, writer of children's books and sound art weirdo. Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

Claire Pollard (@thetuftii) - Late arrival, Founder Member of the Guild of Makers, cross stitcher, programmer and BMX enthusiast. Can't wait to learn some new things and hack about!