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Maths Village


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Description Here we do maths
Contact User:mscroggs
Activities maths
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Relevant interests
LaTeX, Maths
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Good Rat Zeke * begs for biscuits *
Katie Steckles
Matt Scroggs Tue Aug 28 11:30 Mon Sep 3 18:00 Kettle, tea, EMFFAX, ScroggsBot, wool and crochet hooks, flexagon templates
Nathan Day
SmokyFurby Wool, crochet hooks, my handler
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Events in the Maths Village

We'll be building a workshop space that's a cool polyhedron in the middle of our village, big enough to do workshops in. Come and join us in building the workshop space on Friday. After that, we'll be running a selection of maths workshops and events in the polyhedron, which will mostly be free but some will include a small charge for materials. We'll post a list of workshops on a board outside the polyhedron, and on the Schedule page of the website.

Name Start End Organiser
MathsJam Fri Aug 31 18:00 Fri Aug 31 23:00 KatieSteckles, Mscroggs

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