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Description NorthSouth
Contact Ash/Mike
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Relevant interests
Anarchism, Art, Badge, Beer, BioHacking, Board Games, Burning, Ceramics, Chinese food, Cider, Coffee, Crochet, Cubing, Cycling, Decentralization, Democracy, Disability, Drone Racing, Electronics, Estonian E-Residency, Fediverse, Folk Music, Frogans, Games, Halium Project, Hamsphere, Hats, Hugs, Hulahoop, IoT, Juggling, Knitting, LaTeX, Light, Lockpicking, Maths, Mechanical Keyboards, Music, Open Data, Open Source Software, Parkrun, Photography, Physics, Python, Queer, Radio, Railways, Raspberry Pi, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Role-Playing Games, Rust (Fe2O3), Rust (programming language), Sarcasm (vicious), Tea, This wiki, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Video, Wargaming, Water Towers, bees, cidre flows, radio, repair
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Mike Some power cables, some SDR stuff, whatever's left in my bag after SHA, people from Yorkshire, some from London, a distrust of authority, and maybe some teabags.
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