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The Northern Quarter


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Description It's not in the north, and it's not even a quarter.
Activities TEA!!! CAKE!!!
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Relevant interests
Badge, Drone Racing, Electronics, Games, Hulahoop, Juggling, Lockpicking, Open Source Software, Python, Radio, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Tea, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Alistair MacDonald Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Some of the village (chairs, gazebos, tables, LED lighting, bunting). The PDT (Power Distribution Tent). A LoRaWAN station. Emergency chocolate.
Funkster Fri Aug 31 10:00 Mon Sep 3 10:00 1 x waif (me)

Personal camping gear


Jon Thu Aug 30 0:00 Sat Aug 11 0:00 Electric Longboard

Philips DECT handset

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A warm welcome to anyone who fancies dropping by and saying "hi" to us lot from That North (Maker Space in Newcastle) :)