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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Cynthia Thu Jun 2 12:00 Tue Jun 7 12:00
dx Thu Jun 2 16:30 Tue Jun 7 0:00
edef Sat Jul 2 0:00 Mon Jun 6 0:00
FireFly Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00 power lead, fluffy blankets, pastel rubik's cubes, some flags
jess Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00
Naia Thu Jun 2 16:30 Mon Jun 6 12:00
Polarity Thu Jun 2 14:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00 flags + ~10m pole
Puck Thu Jun 2 15:00 Tue Jun 7 12:00 dome parts
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Being soft is a revolutionary act. A tapestry of transfeminine-leaning internet communities. Formerly known as the Cuddly Catgirl Collective and femcamp.

Expecting a population of ~25 attendees, and a dome.

In Camping B