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Aaron CarsonVillage:AIAAaron CarsonThu Jun 2 14:00Mon Jun 6 11:00myself, hopefully
CmnaticVillage:AIABen ErikssonThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 10:00My tickets (if I remember)
NathanVillage:AIANathanThu Jun 2 14:00Sun Jun 5 20:00Lockpicks
DomVillage:Amateur RadioDominicFri Jun 3 12:00Mon May 30 12:00
TkerbyVillage:Amateur Radio, Village:Edinburgh HacklabTim KerbyTue May 31 21:47
PhlashVillage:AMSAT-UKPhlashThu Jun 2 22:35Sun Jun 5 22:35+1
BenjojoVillage:EMF-IXBen Cartwright-CoxFri Jul 1 15:54Sun Jun 5 18:54An Internet Exchange
EtaVillage:EMF-IXetaThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 9:00
Igloo22225Village:EMF-IXJune SlaterRadios, Computers, and a variety of schnanigans
UnlobitoVillage:EMF-IX, Village:Furry High Commission, Village:nbspHarley WatsonThu Jun 2 11:00Sun Jun 5 10:00
TôBachVillage:Field-FXTôBachThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 12:00Dragon 32, BLÅHAJ, Demoscene stuff
Reality404Village:Field-FXreality404Thu Jun 2 10:00Mon Jun 6 12:00A entire demoparty..
MattwestcottVillage:Field-FXGasmanThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 10:00a giant spectrum and a keytar
RaccoonVioletVillage:Field-FXRaccoonVioletThu Jun 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 10:00A large raccoon, laptop
TerahKarmaVillage:Gothic ValleyTeraThu Jun 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 11:00
GrimVillage:Gothic ValleyGraham HorsmanThu Jul 7 15:00Mon May 30 12:0725m 16a ceeform extension cable (caravan hookup) for power (untested)

15m 16a ceeform to uk mains 3 gang with rcd - waterproof for power (untested)

75M outdoor cat6 cable - If this doesn't reach the nearest dataenklo, nothing will.

Network switches - actual number unknown at this time. The wiki tells me there's a max of 10 devices per datenklo port used so it's not likely to be more than 10 ports and at least one of my devices may take up a few of those slots.

SquirmeliaVillage:Gothic ValleyJodiThu Jun 2 13:00Mon Jun 6 12:00
MouseboksVillage:Gothic ValleyMouseboksFri Jun 3 12:38Mon Jun 6 9:38
561Village:Gothic ValleyEmmaSat Jul 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 10:00
UglynewtVillage:Gothic ValleyGlynThu Jun 2 13:00Mon Jun 6 9:00
PerlinWarpVillage:Hacks R Us and friendsPerlinWarp
JmacVillage:HacManJim MacArthurThu Jun 2 10:00Mon May 30 12:00
Maltman23Village:Hardware Hacking AreaMaltman23Wed Jun 1 14:30Mon Jun 6 17:3074.6Kg of Hardware Hacking Area stuff
SaizaiVillage:Hardware Hacking AreaSaiThu Jun 2 14:00Mon Jun 6 12:00blind stuff (canes, braille labeller, frame & stylus, etc)
KlimentVillage:Hardware Hacking AreaKlimentWed Jun 1 11:00Mon Jun 6 9:00Surface mount electronics stuff, lights, joy
MikeVillage:HitchinHackspaceMikeParts of BigHak
NarqVillage:HolisticHowlingnarqThu Jun 2 13:37Mon Jun 6 13:37acid techno, amiga mods, rosy orbs & howls
AkwVillage:HolisticHowlingakwThu Jun 2 12:23Mon Jun 6 12:23c64, fire and fax
MsilVillage:IncosamsilThu Jun 2 13:00Mon Jun 6 12:00Tunez
TdrVillage:Irish EmbassyJeffrey RoeThu Jun 2 0:08Mon Jun 6 0:08Lora Stuff
Jediminer543Village:Leeds HackspaceBenTent! Maybe 3d printer
SnowdenVillage:Leeds HackspaceCallumMyself & maybe electric scooter
HExVillage:Leeds HackspaceTom Hargreaves
CuppaMattVillage:Leeds HackspaceMattSat Jul 2 12:00Sun Jun 5 10:00
TimpinVillage:Leeds HackspaceTimThu Jun 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 10:00
HanemileVillage:MilliwayshanemileThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 18:00Information
Mc.flyVillage:Milliwaysmc.flyFri Jul 1 13:00Sun Jun 5 13:00
HamishVillage:MooseHamishThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 12:00
MurbleVillage:MooseMurbleThu Jun 2 15:00Sun Jun 5 18:00
DavelVillage:MooseDave LambleyThu Jun 2 0:00Mon May 30 0:00
CatsoupVillage:MooseCatsoupThu Jun 2 18:30Sun Jun 5 18:30boundless joy, also a stove and a (small) speaker
SpacebugVillage:MooseSpacebugThu Jun 2 18:00Sun Jun 5 16:00A kettle, cheese and a caffeine headache.
FireFlyVillage:nbspFireFlyThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 12:00power lead, fluffy blankets, pastel rubik's cubes, some flags
PolarityVillage:nbspPolarityThu Jun 2 14:00Mon Jun 6 12:00flags + ~10m pole
NaiaVillage:nbspNaiaThu Jun 2 16:30Mon Jun 6 12:00
PuckVillage:nbspPuckThu Jun 2 15:00Tue Jun 7 12:00dome parts
JesopoVillage:nbspjessThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 12:00
CynthiaVillage:nbspCynthiaThu Jun 2 12:00Tue Jun 7 12:00
User:dxVillage:nbspdxThu Jun 2 16:30Tue Jun 7 0:00
EdefVillage:nbspedefSat Jul 2 0:00Mon Jun 6 0:00
YverbelenVillage:Nuclear CalamityYannickThu Jul 28 16:00Mon Jun 6 10:00Doom and despair
UlrikeRaikaVillage:Nuclear CalamityUlrike ( Raika )
AnnooVillage:Nuclear CalamityannooThu Jun 2 17:18Sun Jun 5 11:18
Alienphoenix1nVillage:Nuclear CalamityMona
LaurentVillage:Nuclear CalamityLaurent
SadieVillage:Poorly Located ProgSadieThu Jun 2 17:00Sun Jun 5 11:00
FiiiVillage:Poorly Located ProgFi
CillianVillage:Poorly Located ProgDavidMon May 30 13:00Tue Jun 7 18:00ISOPOD
BeeVillage:Poorly Located ProgBee
OrangetronicVillagesDavidThu Jun 2 13:01Sun Jun 5 19:01the noise
BarnoidVillage:ShonkbotBarneyWed Jun 1 12:59Mon Jun 6 12:59
JuliaRezVillage:ShonkbotJuliaRezThu Jun 2 13:00Mon Jun 6 12:00LED tiara, several half-baked things
MechapinataVillage:ShonkbotTomSat Jun 4 11:00Sun Jun 5 14:37Paw-Wheel-Drive(hopefully)
DrBrianVillage:The Northern QuarterDrBrian
GrantPeVillage:UnaffiliatedPeter GrantThu Jun 2 12:07Mon Jun 6 12:00
BastiaanSleeVillage:UnaffiliatedBastiaan SleeThu Jun 2 14:00Mon Jun 6 11:00The Things Network (LoRaWAN) Gateway
NyxPurpleVillage:UnaffiliatedNyxThu Jun 2 0:00Mon Jun 6 0:0016a splitter, 5m 16a to 4x13a sockets cable
TmorVillage:UnaffiliatedThomasThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 11:0040m 16A ceeform cable, 2 way splitter, and short Ceeform to 4x 13A + 2 USB.. A fridge with some drinks, and a wheel barrow thing for transport.
AsjacksonVillage:UnaffiliatedAaron JacksonThu Jun 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 9:00tent, laptop, radio, 10m uk extension lead
ReventlovVillage:UnaffiliatedRémyFri Jul 1 0:00Tue Jul 5 0:00ESP32, SDRs, Walkie Talkies
CustardVillage:UnaffiliatedBenThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 12:00240v air pump, 25m 13a 4-gang cable reel, tent peg hammer, multitool
AbondarevsVillage:UnaffiliatedAndrejs BondarevsThu Jun 2 20:00Mon Jun 6 10:00tent, laptop
ScottVillage:UnaffiliatedScott CarissThu Jun 2 10:00Mon Jun 6 10:00Waterproof ceeform to 2xUK plug adpater, 25m extension reel, Coffee machine and some ESP32 dev boards
DsandoVillage:UnaffiliatedDaniel SandersonThu Jun 2 12:08Mon Jun 6 12:08
AimazVillage:UnaffiliatedSteveThu Jun 2 15:00Sun Jun 5 13:00Amateur radios, RTLSDR, Lockpicks, practice locks.
RobPVillage:UnaffiliatedRobThu Jun 2 15:31Sat Jun 4 22:31Long extension lead with 16A connector, Ethernet switch and leads, maybe a box of cable and some crimp connectors, general tools and stuff. ESP32 modules, SDR, Pi, Soldering Iron. Gazebo and gas stove if there is still space after all that lot.
Hopo28Village:UnaffiliatedHopoThu Jun 2 14:00Sun Jun 5 18:00Led curtain, led suit, thermal grill illusion, circus kit
DriftvVillage:UnaffiliatedDriftvThu Jun 2 20:00Mon Jun 6 10:00Have put lots in the car. (real time updates :)). Including a few bench PSUs, some decent speakers, lots of cables, some tape/etc, random electronics and dev boards
RosanaVillage:UnaffiliatedRosanaThu Jun 2 14:00Sat Jun 4 16:00
Nat LasseterVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsNat LasseterThu Jun 2 14:00Mon Jun 6 10:00
LexbaileyVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsLexGiant Cube!
ChoffeeVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsJohn Cooper
AmpiiVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsAimee
TailsVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsNickThu Jun 2 16:00Mon Jun 6 10:00
JoVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsJosephFood, Telescope (maybe)
GavinAtkinsonVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsGavin AtkinsonThu Jun 2 15:00Mon Jun 6 9:00Fridge (hopefully?)
StammarkVillage:York Hackspace and FriendsStamThu Jun 2 12:00Mon Jun 6 11:00