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If you've never been to an event like Electromagnetic Field, the concept of villages might be new to you. Villages are camps within EMF run by attendees. They're organised around a theme, often a location or a topic (e.g. lock-picking). Many villages organise their own workshops or talks for other volunteers to attend. And of course, share all the fun together!

By organising villages ahead of time we, can help provide better equipment (e.g. large tents to use), as well as allocating a location. You can bring a large tent to use as a gathering place, somewhere to run workshops, or somewhere to house your giant robot. We can provide power and a wired internet connection to your village.

If you have any questions about villages drop an email to, or drop into our IRC channel.

List of Villages

Village:Cardiff HackspaceCardiff HackspaceCardiff Hackspace will be here
Village:HABvilleHABvilleWe launch balloons, rockets, buoys, and stuff!
Village:LockpickingLockpickingLockpicking Village
Village:RLab (Reading Hackspace)RLab (Reading Hackspace)Friends, members and frequenters of Reading Hackspace.
Village:Swiss VillageSwiss VillageSome visitors from Switzerland
Village:The Hacking HamletThe Hacking HamletIt's too small to be a village, so it's a hamlet where we'll be building, tinkering and wiring stuff up.
Village:The Maths VillageThe Maths VillageAt this village we will do maths.

(This list is automatically updated from villages registered on this wiki. It takes a little while to update.)

Register a Village

To register your village, enter a short name for it below. You must be logged in to the wiki to register a village.

If you have any issues creating your village, get in touch with us at We're happy to help out.