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This page contains a list of talks and workshops at EMF2016. Videos of talks can be found on the EMF Youtube channel or on the CCC website.

You can find the full schedule here.


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
EMF 2016 Opening Ceremony Jonty Wareing Youtube
MicroPython: What is it? What does it do? Why is it suddenly everywhere? Nicholas Tollervey Youtube
The science of laughter Sophie Scott Youtube
A Brief, Incomplete, Slightly Biased, and Mostly Fact-Checked History of the UK Computer Industry PJ Evans Youtube
Smashing Physics - latest news from CERN's Large Hadron Collider Jon Butterworth Youtube
It's Only Rocket Science James Macfarlane Youtube
Shape-changing in nature and puny human efforts to emulate it Scary Boots Youtube
Scientifically ruining the interfaces in movies Sarah Wiseman
Sex! Robots! Sex Robots! Kate Devlin
DJ Tasmo
2xAA Plays More Gameboys

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
The history and future of books Katie Eagleton Youtube
From transistor to processor Piet De Vaere Youtube
Riddles on Rails Dan Hagon Youtube
'Off Grid' : a game about circumvention tech and hacking Rich Metson Youtube
3D printed sculptures of 4D things Henry Segerman Youtube
Home made hacks to fully registered maker charity. Rory Gallagher
CANUTE, The worlds first working refreshable multiline braille display. Russell Couper Youtube
Numbers Stations: Cold War, short waves Henry Cooke Youtube
Film Festival - The Internet's Own Boy

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
What even is a "maker"? How we see ourselves and how other people see us Emma O'Sullivan
The Final Nail in DES's Coffin David Hulton
Hacking Your Head : Managing Information Overload Jo Pearce Youtube
Biological Computation Chris Binny Youtube
Osmocom - Open Source Mobile Communications Harald Welte Youtube
Getting Physical with Web Bluetooth in the Browser Dan Jenkins Youtube
How to make your own wearable color organ dress moko/zakx Youtube Slides
The Red String Dragica Kahlina Youtube
Friday Latening Talks Branden Faulls
Swing Dancing for Engineers Jo Franchetti
The Starship Bridge Simulator Robin den Hertog

Workshop 1

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
35mm pinhole camera building workshop/photo walk Jame Nixon
Introduction to Japanese Bookbinding Ben Dornan
Introduction to Mixology - making the Old Fashioned cocktail Ryan Alexander
a smartphone brain-computer interface workshop Colin Rowat

Workshop 2

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
A Fresh Look At Mental Health Andrew Gordon
The Artists guide to the Deep Learning Galaxy (for any level of experience) KRN & MX & OLF
LED Cards Amy Mather


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
Magic: Tricks, puzzles, or illusions? James Merlin
LEGO Punk - Silly things to do with LEGO Steven Goodwin Youtube
Impostor Syndrome and Individual Competence Jessica Rose Youtube
Cyber Security Myths and Monsters: how to change behaviours for the better Jessica Barker Youtube
Blood, Sweat & Carbon: Our Solar Car Tobias McBride Youtube
A hacker's guide to satellites Dave Rowntree Youtube
Mars, the Bringer of Wub Tim Burrell-Saward Youtube
Can you really hack an airplane? (myths & truths) Grigorios Fragkos
Penetrating Pandora: Dismantling Dangerous Devices Calum Youtube
The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets Simon Singh
WhiteSpace Beth Healey Youtube
How I used to rob banks (and other fun stories) Freakyclown (@__freakyclown__)
8 Bit Beats
Shirty Music

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
Connecting computers together over 1,000s miles without using the Internet GB8EMF Amateur Radio Station Youtube
Internet of Things with MATLAB and Raspberry Pi Jeff Homer
Socio-technical evolution for hackers Igor Nikolic Youtube
How I built my diesel powered motorcycle. Russell Couper YouTube
Design for consumer rights, now Sarah Gold Youtube
Inside the MIT Media Lab Rebecca Kleinberger
Four Stories about Recreational Maths Matthew Scroggs Youtube MENACE, @mathslogicbot, Optimal Pac-Man. If you'd like the full slides, email or tweet me (they're too big to upload to this wiki).
Using printed circuit boards to make snowflakes. MIke Harrison Youtube
Saving milliseconds and wasting hours: a survey of tool-assisted speedrunning Philip Potter Youtube
Getting the kids on board: tales from 10 years of schools outreach in technology hannah dee Youtube
Lightning Talks Eireann Leverett Youtube
Film Festival - B2B: The Amiga Years! With Director's Talk / Q&A

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
I never knew SMS could do that. Sam Machin Youtube
The story behind $50SAT, a new approach to Amateur satellite design which became the world’s smallest operational satellite, built for £125 in a garden shed. Stuart Robinson Youtube
Sustainable open source? Caroline Graham Youtube
My Ubertooth Year Michael Ossmann Youtube
Apocalypse Later Tim Lossen Youtube
photons to electrons: how imaging sensors work from quantum mechanics up Dan Weatherill Youtube
A call to arms - let's hack USB devices, it's mostly easier than you think Dan Weatherill Youtube
My self built eco house. John McEntee Youtube
3d Printing the World's Most Pointless Desk Fan Chris Lynas Youtube
Mind Control - What is really possible with technology and the power of your mind? James Miller Youtube
Black Hat Locksmithing Matt Smith Youtube
Hebocon (Low-tech robot fight) Jim MacArthur
Tranquil Videogames

Workshop 1

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
Having Daft Ideas Libby Miller, Richard Sewell, John Hawkes-Reed
Building an open source political platform James Smith
Kite mapping Linda Sandvik
Yarn making 101 Vicki Winter
Eggshell carving Rebecca Kleinberger
Skull Radio Workshop Jeffrey Roe
Dungeons and Dragons & board games open session Catherine Flick

Workshop 2

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
Running your own cellular network using OpenBSC & Co Harald Welte
DIY Solar Charger Workshop Matthew Little
a smartphone brain-computer interface workshop Colin Rowat
Tracing (U)SIM card communication using Osmocom SIMtrace Harald Welte
Musification Akito van Troyer


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
Ragequit! Game design principles for better online communities. Laurie James Youtube
Morality in video games: when it's not just a game Catherine Flick Youtube
X-Ray Audio: The Strange Story of Soviet Music on the Bone stephen coates
Beer for Everyone Sam Fidler
A guide to legal Dutch moonshine Lurwah
A brief history of effects in film Cat Harris Youtube
The coming of age of plastic electronics Radu Sporea Youtube
How is the Universe Like A Lightbulb? Michael Conterio Youtube
Katie Steckles does some maths Katie Steckles Youtube
100 years of Shannon -- the man, his work and his legacy Matthew Ireland Youtube
Meatspace Surveillance Alexander J. Martin Youtube
Here, hear: Sound-based illusions Ben Dornan Youtube
Tentman: The story so far... Alia Sheikh & Cat Harris Youtube
Key Impressioning Jos Weyers Youtube
EMF 2016 Closing Ceremony Jonty Wareing Youtube
DJ Perfect's EMF Selection

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
How we created a hackathon with 50/50 female and male participants Caroline Arkenson Youtube
APIs for cyborgs Katy Moe Youtube
This Is Where We Are: A TIWWA @ Tate Modern Postmortem Chris Hunt Youtube
Digital Medical Imaging - from scanner to screen. Dave Harvey Youtube
Hobby electronics like a pro Gavan Fantom Youtube
Fail Map, visualizing security fail at trusted parties for your protection Elger "Stitch" Jonker Youtube
Receiving live video from the Space station Daniel Cussen Youtube
Designing and performing future instruments Alessia Milo and Christian Heinrichs Youtube
A mathematical view of voting systems Alex Bolton Youtube
Car Hacking - Back to the future 1970’s style. Dan Smith Youtube
Come and play: Collect ‘em all? Tech, fundamental rights and framing our future. Fact or fiction? Jen Persson, defenddigitalme Youtube
Zebro: building a six legged robot Piet De Vaere Youtube
The EMF 2016 Badge Jonty Wareing Youtube
Rebooting a Hobby: How Modern Digital Comms are Reviving Amateur Radio Ryan Sayre Youtube
Hacking Robot Dinosaurs Dr Lucy Rogers Youtube
Film Festival - Sita Sings The Blues

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Slides/Resources
Holonomic robots, and why you should build one Tom Oinn Youtube
Chaotic Music: Oblique Strategies Against Humanity Giles Greenway Youtube
Lightning Talks Eireann Leverett Youtube
Asynchronous or Analogue Methods for Computation Matthew Ireland
Building a wearable camera Manoj Nathwani Youtube
2FA, WTF? Phil Nash Youtube
The automated Sheet Music Librarian Charlotte Godley Youtube
Cyber security and the joy of the false positive Michelle D'israeli Youtube
Inside Our Toys - How to Hack Into an Embedded Device Kev Sheldrake Youtube
Freifunk - Free and Open Wireless Community Networks andre Youtube
Acoustic Cosmology Gavin Starks Youtube
EMF 2016 Infrastructure Review Will Hargrave, Arjan Koopen, David Croft Youtube
SHA2017 Elger "Stitch" Jonker <script>alert('welcome to emf');</script>
Intense Videogames

Workshop 1

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
backyard optics Dan Weatherill
Kite Mapping Part 2 Linda Sandvik
Learn to Knit! Kate Bolin
Realtime Web Ben Foxall
Paper Circuits Peter Jackson
Surface-mount electronics (SMD) assembly for terrified beginners Kliment
Go workshop and open discussion Steven Gravell
a smartphone brain-computer interface workshop Colin Rowat

Workshop 2

Title Speaker Slides/Resources
Imperfect VR Workshop Michael Straeubig
Make your own titanium spork Richard Sewell
Maths card tricks Katie Steckles
Meditation for Hackers Sai 26c3 edition slides feedback form

Village & other


  • 2xAA Plays More Gameboys
  • 2xAA VS Gasman
  • 8 Bit Beats
  • Algorave - Live performances
    • 2xaa
    • aalleexx
    • Adam Williams
    • Claudius Maximus
    • Les Hutchins
    • Lil data
    • Martin Klang
    • Medial Ages
    • Qirky
    • REPL Electric
    • Simon+Evan
    • UIAESK!
  • DJ Tasmo
  • Gasman
  • Metalogue
  • Riotmiloo
  • Shirty Music


  • Intense Videogames
  • Tranquil Videogames


  • 3D print your own key tag
  • Bridge building competition
  • Bubble Trouble
  • CoderDojo
  • Cryptography
  • DIY Marble run
  • Draw. Write. Play.
  • EMF Olympic sailing event
  • Geocaching walk
  • Make a moving robot out of rubbish with The Crafty Robot
  • Make a weather station
  • Pom Poms
  • Programming 101 with Lego Mindstorms robots
  • Sonic Pi: Making music using computer code
  • UV torches trail

Algorave village

For live performances, see above under Music.

  • Drone jam - bring a drone
  • Headphone party
  • Live coding workshops
  • Workshops - live coding + DIY synths

Badge Operations Center

  • Case Making Workshop
  • Intro to Badge Hacking


  • Blacksmithing
    • Ian
    • Lizzie
    • Richard

Empty Epsilon village

  • EmptyEpsilon spaceship simulator

Fablab Truck

  • Laser Engraved toast

HABvile Village

  • HAB
  • SurreyEARS Soldering Challenge!

Hack Center

  • Arduino for total newbies with Mitch Altman
  • Curious Electric Company
  • Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama™
  • Just Add Sharks Customer Party!
  • MeArm & MiRobot kits & Instruction with Dr Ben Gray
  • MSRaynsford's Laser Cut Machines
  • Part Fusion - Wearables Electronics
  • RC2014 Z80 Homebrew Computer
  • Rock Drill 4069 Touch Synthesizer Build
  • Skull Radio Bone Conduction Kit with Jeffrey Roe
  • Surface-mount electronics (SMD) assembly for terrified beginners
  • TiLDA Mk.3 Redirected from the BOC

Hacking Hamlet

  • International Space Station (ISS) Pass
  • Lights!
  • Pizzas

Haxors of the Roses Village

  • Basic Electronic Assembly

Make. Invent. Do. village

  • Alljoyn connected IoT with Windows 10
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure IoT Kits Workshop (Feather M0) (Experienced)
  • Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring solution for EMF Camp Badge
  • Build a micro-sumo battle strategy
  • CodeBug Coding Workshop (instructor led)
  • Hands on with the micro:bit
  • Introduction to micro-sumo
  • Project Patrick: Building your own personal AI assistant
  • Project Patrick: Building your own personal AI assistant (Easy)
  • Windows IoT Core programming
  • Windows IoT Core Workshop (Raspberry Pi) (Intermediate)

Makespace Village

  • Micro Pi Noon

Maths Village

  • Cauchy's functional equation
  • First aid workshop
  • Flexagon making
  • Giant Cards Against Humanity game
  • Hyperbolic crochet workshop
  • Maths Jam
  • Morning yoga
  • Suturing (stitching) workshop
  • The Maths of poker

Millers Hollow village

  • Werewolf

Minecraft Village

  • Minecraft Night

Never Too Much Bunting Village

  • Hand Sewing
  • Monochrome BBS - Social Networking 90s style
  • Pancakes

Nottinghack Village

  • Badges of Nerd Honour: Pi Memorisation
  • Badges of Nerd Honour: Speedcubing
  • Drunk haircuts - one style available
  • Morning Aerobics
  • Morning Run
  • Nottinghack Tuckshop
  • Yarn-Making Workshop

Portcullis village

  • Bring and break - Bring hardware and learn how to break it
  • Disco Disco - Party
  • Hacking for 7 year olds: Playing with Scratch
  • Introduction to CTF (Capture the Flag)
  • Introduction to mobile application security
  • Software security for hardware peeps
  • Virtualisation vs containers: Security models, pros and cons

Radio Village

  • International Space Station (ISS) Pass


SawuGo, the One Ring workshop

  • MF Newcastle 2017 rond deze tijd
  • SawuGo Mobile Goldsmith workshop

Scottish Consulate village

  • Scottish Consulate Chill with Milliways
  • Scottish Consulate Goes Dutch
  • Whiskyleaks @ Milliways

The Lounge

  • the nature chamber with the minusonic board

The Sky

  • International Space Station (ISS) Pass

UAV Flying Field

  • Flying

Up by the EMF Sign

  • LaserTag