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Arrival [[Arrival::2016/07/30 15:00|]]2016/07/30 15:00
Departure [[Departure::2016/08/10 14:00|]]2016/08/10 14:00
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NottingHack's resident RepRap 3D printer expert, and go to guy for electronic's, Arudino's, mbed's, electrical work, and just about anything else.
I work for Ciseco mostly doing PCB design.

I Can Be Found At...

Nottingham Hackspace almost every Wednesday night
#nottinghack irc channel on freenode as LWK
twitter: @dpslwk

EMF 2014

EMF 2012

Had a great weekend, I was mostly around the NottingHack villages, spent Friday & Saturday night till 4:30am working on the TiLDA badges :)