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Michael Erskine
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Bringing [[Bringing::Rubik's cube type puzzles, a banjo|]]Rubik's cube type puzzles, a banjo
Arrival [[Arrival::2016/08/04 12:00|]]2016/08/04 12:00
Departure [[Departure::2016/08/08 12:00|]]2016/08/08 12:00
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Michael Erskine! "a tasty sandwich of a man"


I'll be running BarBot, playing banjo, reciting pi, speedcubing, etc.

I have a couple of events to add for Nottinghack Village content but I'm not yet able to give times for them (due to other as-yet unfixed commitments).

Those items are: -

  • Badges of Nerd Honour: Pi Memorisation -- a brief talk and recital: Michael attempts to recall the digits of Pi (hopefully to 650 decimal places) and tells you that "it's easy"
  • Badges of Nerd Honour: Speedcubing -- a brief talk and demonstration: Michael solves the cube in an honourable timeframe (hopefully averaging under 27.5 seconds) and tells you that "it's easy"

I envisage quite an informal village setting with a small number of attendees. --Msemtd (talk) 14:17, 1 August 2016 (BST)