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[[Location::51.21266,-0.60812|]][[MapFix::51.21266,-0.60812~2600~Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.~Village-2600.jpeg|]]


Description [[Description::Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.|]] Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.
Contact Contact::User:Metatron
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Activities [[Activities::Hacking, Eating, Drinking, Radio, lock picking.|]]Hacking, Eating, Drinking, Radio, lock picking.
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The village is primarily targeted towards the global 2600 movement. Stemming from a radio show and magazine focusing on Phreaking, to the global hacker movement, which flourished into global meetings, happening the first Friday of every month. Bringing hackers/geeks/tech obsessives/cyber punks/tin foil hat wearers together to shoot the shit, relax and have fun.

2600 IRC

  • IRC Network - on port 6667 (non-SSL) or 6697 (SSL, recommended)
  • Channel - #2600

2600 Mailing List

Social Media


Physical meetings are held the first Friday of every month, London 2600's starts at 18:30 by the front entrance of the former Trocadero building, we then move to a secondary venue which is decided on the day at 19:30.

Initial meeting spot 18:30-19:30: Front Entrance of the former Troc, Opposite TGI Friday, Piccadilly, London, W1D 7DH

We also hold mid month meetings, the middle Saturday of most months. These typically start after lunch and run late into the evening. The location, date and times can all change, so it is worth joining the mailing list and IRC server to keep up-to-date.