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Managing volunteers, shift sign-up, scheduling, and rewards (delicious food!)
Lead(s) SamLR
This team needs volunteers

EMF is volunteer run. We make sure that there are volunteers and that they are treated well.

Right now we need people to help us and the Team:Web build the volunteer system. This will be used to organise volunteers during the event, letting them sign up to shifts and see what's available. If you'd like to help with this please get in contact via IRC (we have the #emfcamp-web channel for organising in).

We're really interested in hearing from folks who've experience managing volunteers to help us on site as well as people who wouldn't mind helping out the kitchen that provides the volunteer meals.

During the event we'll be organising volunteers for stewarding around the site, bar shifts and other things. All of this will be done via the volunteer system so keep an ear out for us opening it up (via email).

We also organise volunteers for set up & tear down so if that's of interest (we especially need people to help with tear down) keep an eye out for our email asking for volunteers.

If you're interested in catering or managing for the volunteers please email [email address removed]

Team members

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We need people to help with

  • Managing volunteers during the event
  • Running the volunteer desk during the event
  • Gathering volunteer requirements from other teams
  • Kitchen helpers