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Description [[Description::We implement sneakernet on the camp|]] We implement sneakernet on the camp
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Camp postal will be the official service for all your letters, parcels and other things that you like to have shipped around the camp. We do this free of charge, and hope to spread this to other camps. The idea started off after a talk with some people at SHA2017, several people would love to have a way to get their letters sent by an official organisation.


Work in progress


If you are part of a village and like to get your mail delivered, please keep the following things in mind: 1. We work with volunteers. Be nice to them. 2. Have a visible box where our volunteer can drop mail in. If we sense that you don't like mail, you have to pick it up yourself. 3. Boxes that require more than one volunteer to deliver will require YOU to pick it up yourself. 4. If we cannot find you, then we will try to notify you.


We love to have volunteers! If you like to volunteer, please do notify us. We will make sure that you will be stocked with plenty of mate (no booze!).


Post office opening times

Mostly depends on when there is someone in the tent to help out. If the tent is closed, then come back at a later time!

Sending letters

Simply drop them in any of the camp post boxes

Village-Camp Postal.jpeg

Sending parcels

Although we like to ship parcels, they are heavy, bulky and problematic to carry around. We do accept them to a certain degree, but you are responsible for making sure that the correct amount of stamps are on there. No exceptions!

  • Boxes that require more than one volunteer to lift will not be accepted.
  • Boxes that contain dangerous/hazardous materials will not be accepted.
  • Boxes that are not stamped properly will not be accepted.
  • Boxes that do not fit the size for a "large letter"
  • Boxes that are sent internationally require paper CN22.


We have a limited amount of stamps available.


There are 3 ways you can address your letter:

Addressees' name
Addressees' village
FIELD [A-Z] [NESW] (so we know where to deliver)


Addressees' name
House number and street name
Locality name (if needed)
Town (please print in capitals)
Full postcode (please print in capitals)


Addressee's name
House number and street name
City or town
Province, state or department and postal code
COUNTRY (please print in capitals & use English name)


Our services are UDP: We do a best effort delivery.