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Description [[Description::UKHAS & Friends|]] UKHAS & Friends
Contact [[Contact::Matt, Phil|]]Matt, Phil
Activities [[Activities::High Altitude Ballooning, Amateur Radio, Badge Hacking, etc.|]]High Altitude Ballooning, Amateur Radio, Badge Hacking, etc.
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Relevant interests

[[Interested in::Interest:Badge|]] Badge,[[Interested in::Interest:Electronics|]] Electronics,[[Interested in::Interest:Open Source Software|]] Open Source Software,[[Interested in::Interest:Radio|]] Radio,[[Interested in::Interest:Raspberry Pi|]] Raspberry Pi

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Anyone is welcome to join us, please add yourself to the village list above so we know roughly how many people to leave space for!


Co-siting with Village:AMSAT on the East Edge of the site in Camping F, near DK F2 (Site Map with marker).


  • AMSAT - Amateur Satellite Demonstration Station


Monday: Laurence

Wednesday: Phil Crump, Matt Brejza.

Thursday PM: John Cariss (with Trailer Mast), Dave Johnson, Jules, Ben Oxley, Tom Dalby.

Village Furniture

Gazebos: Phil (small), Laurence 1x Coleman Event Shelter, Adam x2. AMSAT x2.

Tables: Adam x2, Hire (Phil) x1, Andy x1, AMSAT x4.

Chairs: Hire (Phil) x12. AMSAT x8.

Power: Laurence is bringing plenty of 16A length & 16A->4x13A. Bring your own 13A extensions if you want power to your tent.

Network: Phil is bringing a box of long & short lengths of shielded cat5e and a couple of small switches with a few PoE ports.

Fridges: Phil can bring 1x tiny mini-fridge and 1x large pink mini-fridge.