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Description A demoparty in a tent.
Contact User:reality404
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Gasman Thu Jun 2 12:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 a giant spectrum and a keytar
RaccoonViolet Thu Jun 2 16:00 Mon Jun 6 10:00 A large raccoon, laptop
reality404 Thu Jun 2 10:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00 A entire demoparty..
TôBach Thu Jun 2 15:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00 Dragon 32, BLÅHAJ, Demoscene stuff
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A demoparty[1] in a tent. Showcasing what the Demoscene is about and what a Demoparty is to a wider audience.

Compo Description
Demo The main compo at any party. Accepting entries for newschool platforms (Desktop, Web, etc.)
as well as oldschool (8 and 16-bit home computers and consoles). Sizecoded entries also welcome.
Fantasy Computer TIC-80, Pico-8, maybe something none of us have seen before? Amaze us with your creativity.
Badge / Microcontroller Do you have an Arduino, or a MicroBIT, sitting around waiting to be used creatively? Now is your chance to make a demo for a new platform!
Young Field-FX For 15 or younger. A special category just for you! Scratch demos, animations, music, photography, whatever you shine at.
Music If it makes sound you can enter it. Max running time 5 minutes.
Music UK Garage - live mixed Anything goes as long as it's UK Garage and under 5 minutes. The entries might not be played in full by the DJ, it's up to them.
If there are not enough entries for a DJ set, the entires will be combined with the music compo.
Graphics If it can be displayed on a projector screen and it doesn't move,it's graphics.
From photography to executable graphics, Blender to weaving.
Wild And then there is everything else. What could we possibly have missed?

More information about the compos and any additional info can be found at: