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This is a list of attendee contributed ideas for things they'd love to see at EMF.

Feel free to add to it, but please keep it clean and family friendly!

You can find guidance about building & bringing installations to EMF [on our main website](



  1. Flags & banners
  2. Impractical communication systems
  3. Tubes you can shout down
  4. Things that play with perception of scale
  5. Really big magic tricks
  6. Retro computer games, but with real people
  7. Water installations that people can cool down in
  8. A model of the ISS
  9. Use shadows in an interesting way
  10. Remote controlled people
  11. Inappropriate input methods
  12. Large cardboard structures built over the weekend
  13. Robot ducks
  14. A model of the universe
  15. A sound installation that detects things happening around it and sonifies them as a tiny FM transmission
  16. New (fun) ways to connect cyberspace to real space and vice-versa
  17. Adventure playgrounds for the imagination
  18. Swings
  19. Domes
  20. Distributed works, spread out over the site
  21. Treasure hunts
  22. Mobile things that people can drag about/take with them that entertain them
  23. Autonomous tent-avoiding bots
  24. Autonomous tent-seeking bots
  25. Think that’s a lot of LEDs? Use more LEDs
  26. Ways to get strangers playing together
  27. Things made from things that would otherwise be discarded
  28. Sculpture kits, preferably large
  29. Things that are both meals and tech demos
  30. Music-judging machines
  31. Smoke signals
  32. Ways to see through the planet
  33. Ways to make the sky more interesting
  34. Things that are full of helium, and can fly
  35. Encourage exploration of the camp
  36. Build on top of the infrastructure
  37. Erasing the boundary between creator and spectator
  38. More wearable (light-up, responsive) art
  39. Making big things from small stuff
  40. Art that reproduces
  41. Random acts of kindness
  42. Fully automated luxury communism
  43. Things that (mostly) stay underwater, and emerge every now and again
  44. Does that monolith do something? OH WOW THAT MONOLITH DOES AN AMAZING THING
  45. Things that can be assembled into an even more marvellous thing
  46. Musical instruments
    1. That non-musicians can get a nice sound out of
    2. That can be played by a group of people
  47. Things that live in the woods. No woods? Make the woods!
  48. Weird things that broadcast radio frequency noises. Like numbers stations, but tiny and more strange
  49. Location-based things. We have plenty of space for things to move about in
  50. Things that exploit the sky
  51. Augmented reality, but without having to stare at a screen
  52. Things that only make sense from the air / a satellite
  53. A machine that generates love letters
  54. AI-driven model rowing boats, for the lake
  55. Shipwrecks
  56. Make your thing into a playground for other things - open APIs, MIDI/OSC interfaces, input & output jacks
  57. Games which are also shelters. Tents that know how to have fun
  58. Exploiting the topography
  59. Respect the turf
  60. Things that take care of tidying themselves up when we all go home
  61. Miniature Sealand
  62. Make our social connections tangible
  63. What would Nemo do ? Choice of Nemo is up to the artist
  64. Scavenger hunt / social service
  65. Let’s have a look at the electromagnetic spectrum
  66. A talk that is also a sculpture
  67. A sculpture that is also a snack
  68. Exploit network effects for increased cheer
  69. The longer you play with it, the better it gets
  70. A work that distributes itself
  71. Help people to be kind
  72. It prints things and you can take them home
  73. Make DNS tangible
  74. Blurring the line between clothing and cutlery
  75. Make it easy for strangers to join in
  76. A thing that indexes many other things
  77. Ways for people to not be lost
  78. Partial, temporary views of our future
  79. Prophecies made flesh (or, more conveniently, made robot)
  80. Ways of conveying laughter
  81. Very big EMF logos. Preferably self-propelled
  82. Things that make sense only very gradually
  83. Things that help people to be good citizens
  84. Things that are reasonably likely to fail (but will be amazing if they work)
  85. Ways to shed light on things
  86. Parade of giant squids
  87. Space. Tiny space. Big space.
  88. HUGE IF TRUE. Like, the words IF TRUE. But huge (a: with LEDs on. b) in the shape of a dome?
  89. Imaginary maps
  90. Rave in a box (eastnor 88)
    1. On wheels
  91. Tiny art cars
  92. Things with effects spread out in space or time or both
  93. Shoals of robot fish (land, sea or air)
  94. Crazy golf
    1. Really weird golf
    2. Not even really golf at this point
  95. Tiny gardens
  96. Hidden things
    1. Containing games
  97. Things that will inspire cheerfulness
  98. In a dome
  99. Things that do something useful, but only as a side effect (Bonus points if it takes all weekend to work out what the side effect was)
  100. Anything involving nuclear fission
  101. Bridges. Literal and metaphorical
  102. Things that don’t work unless several people work them
  103. Bubbles
  104. Scrapheap Challenge