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As always, EMF is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging attendees to carpool.

Feel free to add your name to either table below.

Offering Lifts

Location Name Arriving Leaving Notes
Birmingham Dave Example Friday evening Sunday evening I'm an example, copy me!
London / Watford / Somewhere on the way Marrold Earliest time the public can arrive Latest time the public can leave I have half a vans worth of stuff to take - looking for someone else to split the rental / fuel cost with
Dresden / Berlin / East-Germany Janek no plan yet no plan yet i want to travel i a t5 to the emf camp, looking for someone else. contact: username in this wiki @sax.de
Hampshire/Wiltshire boarder - Andover (or on sensible routes) Peter Thursday noonish, plus or minus a few hours Monday morning I doubt I'll fill my car by myself, so happy to add someone and/or somethings if it helps. wiki username @gmail.com
Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, or reasonable enroute going via M6,42,5. Tmor Thursday approx 5pm Monday Morning Going by car, will have some spare room (but not masses), an older EV so a road trip with plenty of stops. Get in touch on the IRC Tmor on Libera.chat
Beckenham Mike Mussard OrangeMikey Thursday Morning Sunday afternoon or early evening Going by EV, one charging stop preferred route via M25, M3 then M4. Room for one with not too much luggage as boot space limited.
South west Surrey to M4 at Reading, Swindon Dominic Friday morning Monday Contact name @cleal.org or Dominic on IRC

Looking for a Lift

Location Name Arriving Leaving Notes
Birmingham John Example From Thursday 2nd I would really like to be home by Sunday evening I'm an example, copy me, contact me by email at john(at)example.com