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If you're taking photographs on behalf of EMF, or simply publishing them online, this document should help you work out where and when to take photographs, without treading on anyone's toes.

Reminder: as per the Code of conduct:

People may not want to be filmed or photographed. You must have consent from anyone who is identifiable in a photo or video.

Although photographers have a legal right to take photos, and EMF is a public event, there's no need to be rude or invasive. If someone asks you to delete a photo they're in, you should oblige. Similarly, If you have the opportunity to ask permission before taking a photograph, please do so.

We know it's not always practical to get permission (large group shots, people walking into shot) but we do ask that you use your best judgement and try to seek consent where possible.

The majority of people attending EMF will be OK appearing in the background of a photo, or even the foreground, but there is also a significant number of people who are quite adamant about not being photographed and there's no easy way to tell them apart.

(Except for the handful wearing "NO PHOTO" t-shirts)

That not withstanding we love people to record our event (those of us organising it must live vicariously). If you record any media (photos, video, audio) of our events we'd love to know about it. We'll have contact details available soon. Hopefully.

Things we want photos of

One of the big problems we have is that there is a lot of amazing stuff at EMF and we forget to get photographs of it, this time we've come prepared: we have a list (forms and lists, oh my!)

  • All installations
  • A few talks in each stage/workshop
    • Showing the speaker + slides
    • Reverse (back, 3/4 of speaker + audience)
    • from outside the tent
  • A few performances in each stage
  • Some (most?) of the villages
  • Wide angles
    • the whole site (e.g. from golden gates)
    • The outside of the stages
    • Ideally some dusk shots showing the mix of, e.g. talks/content & lasers/smoke coming up
  • The blacksmithing
  • hack races
  • Hebocon
  • The bar
  • The lounge
  • Null sector (day & night)
  • The volunteer lounge during meal time
  • Some of set up/tear down e.g.
    • tents going up
    • cherry picker/telehandler use
    • Artics
    • Stacks of furniture?
  • EMF's logo/name
  • badge things
    • Prep
    • handout
    • some beauty/product shots