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Team Site focus on building the basic infrastructure for the event.
Lead(s) Russ, WillH
This team needs volunteers

New for 2020, Team Site will focus on building the basic infrastructure for the event.

During planning this will focus on booking and coordinating suppliers, including miscellaneous small suppliers which aren't handled by other teams.

During the event Team Site will be in charge of buildup and teardown, working closely with Logistics.

Team members

SamLRSamLR17 July 202029 July 2020

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  • Site Layout
  • Temporary structures and flooring
  • Furniture
    • Tracking who wants what
    • Ordering
    • Distribution & return
  • Emergency lighting
  • Sanitation
  • Rubbish
  • On-site plant/vehicles
  • Safety on Site
  • Fire safety
  • Radios
  • Setup/teardown planning
  • Logistics, power, food, and welfare during early setup and late teardown