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Hello, we're the "Amateur Radio Village", also known as the EMF Hams. We're a handful of radio amateurs spread across the country that occasionally get together to play with radios, usually at EMF. Some of us have been going since 2012!

Anyone is welcome to join us or say hello, even if you're not a radio amateur you'll probably find something to talk to us about. Interests range from Real Ale to Eurovision, and occasionally we do some radio.

EMF Hams is registered as a club and has callsign Gx1EMF. We will be using it during EMF 2022 and welcome contacts! Our logbook for contacts will be here


A non-exhaustive list of village inhabitants. Name can be whatever you prefer to be called by. If you're bringing something cool like a radio or something communally useful like a kettle stick it in the "Bringing" Column. We don't need to know about your socks

If you want your name added to the list but don't want to edit the wiki, give us a shout.

Name Callsign Arrival Departure Bringing
Matthew (Marrold) 2E0SIP As early as possible, possibly during build up. As late as possible Mostly telephones this year, but I'll bring a Baofeng or 5 so as not to arouse suspicion. Possibly a QO-100 station.
Paul M0TZO June 2nd June 5th Radios, soldering stuff, SumUp card reader
Havoc 2E0EMO June 2nd June 5th Paul M0TZO, Kettle, At least a Baofeng,and Radios
Paul M0PLL June 2nd June 5th (maybe 6th) APRS digipeater+igate
Paul M0WPG June 2nd June 5th Radios
Emma M7EMZ June 2nd June 5th Paul M0WPG, Radios
Josh M0JMO June 2nd June 6th (maybe) Radios (HF, VHF, UHF, D-Star, DMR, C4FM/APRS), Telex, Music, Meshtastic, Phones, QO-100 (at least receiver, but maybe transceiver if I can get away with it!

Contact Us

Local Comms

When you're in the site, these are good ways to contact other hams:

  • Analogue simplex 433.425 NFM / 145.425 NFM (If in use by other Amateurs then please try 145.450 / 433.450)
  • GB3MF is a temporary 70cms analogue repeater which will be run during EMF 2022 by M0TRY. It will be on Output frequency: 430.8 MHz, RX Frequency: 438.4 MHz, CTCSS 118.8 if you want to program a radio in advance
  • There will be an 2m APRS digipeater which will support messaging and igating to/from APRS-IS (as well as any other positioning/messaging systems that people want to bring. Talk to M0PLL!)
  • We will probably have many phones in our marquee. Contact details for them to follow.